Wednesday, December 9, 2020

School Art Expo!

 Today we had a school art expo! This whole term we have been learning about the theme art alive. The whole school has been learning about different artists and trying out they're techniques. So today we got to take a look at different teams' art works. 

Some of my favourite teams that we walked through were team 3 and of course team 5.

Team 3 had a Christmas tree that had Kandinsky circles as ornaments. Their classrooms were very colourful and bright. I especially loved room 23 tie dye t-shirts. 

Another one of my favourite art pieces that we saw was room 2.  The artist that you were turning about was Alberto Giacometti. His style was very unique, Who would makes Guinea stick figures out of clay which is exactly what room2 did.

And of course I love the artwork in my class created. We  tried to recreate the painting starry night, which was created by Vincent van Gogh. My painting is in the top right corner. 

I loved seeing all the different art works around the school. We are all so Creative!

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  1. Hey Marika, My name is Katana and im from Wesley Intermediate Room 5, I really like those tie dye shirts they look really cool and it is really colorful and pops out!