Wednesday, December 9, 2020

School Art Expo!

 Today we had a school art expo! This whole term we have been learning about the theme art alive. The whole school has been learning about different artists and trying out they're techniques. So today we got to take a look at different teams' art works. 

Some of my favourite teams that we walked through were team 3 and of course team 5.

Team 3 had a Christmas tree that had Kandinsky circles as ornaments. Their classrooms were very colourful and bright. I especially loved room 23 tie dye t-shirts. 

Another one of my favourite art pieces that we saw was room 2.  The artist that you were turning about was Alberto Giacometti. His style was very unique, Who would makes Guinea stick figures out of clay which is exactly what room2 did.

And of course I love the artwork in my class created. We  tried to recreate the painting starry night, which was created by Vincent van Gogh. My painting is in the top right corner. 

I loved seeing all the different art works around the school. We are all so Creative!

Friday, December 4, 2020

Starry Night

Starry Night is a painting created by Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. For the last couple weeks room 4 has been trying to paint this remarkable art piece. The technique that Vincent van Gogh uses can sometimes be difficult and frustrating. He uses thin brush strokes with different shades of blue, yellow and green. I really like how room 4 had different impressions on Starry Night paintings and we all had our own unique thing. Here is the starry night that I did. I'm very proud of the village (Which is in the bottom right corner) which took me the longest to paint.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Kiwiana Graphic

Task description:Here is one of our extension tasks for this term. We had to create a Kiwiana graphic that represents us and where we come from. Here are some things that I put in my graphic to show who I am. The mountain in the background is Mount Taranaki.
The Pohutukawa represents all the nice warm summer days at the beach (since Pohutukawa come out in the summer). It is very much a tradition in my family. The marae in the corner is Aotearoa marae which is my marae. Sheep are also a kiwiana icon

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Kei hea a?

 WALT: to say where someone is

Task Description:For today's te reo lesson we learnt how to say Where is that person. For our create task we had to find out how to say some famous towns in New Zealand in te reo.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Ruth(Creative Writing)

Time: September 1th 1930 my baby sister Ruth was born. Mum and dad are stressed about something, even though she's perfect in every way. I hold her, I smile then stop, now I realise what has gone wrong. This is a story of my life and my crazy baby sister. 

It wasn't a great time back then, But Mum always tried to keep a positive mindset about the future. Dad on the other hand, was never home and couldn't stop thinking about the past. I never knew what happened to Dad. When Ruth came along, life was very different. I  went to school and came back home to the darkness, Mum never went out with Ruth.

On Ruth's 9th birthday It was a lot different, Dad wasn't there. Mum didn't tell us why she just told us he was on a work trip And would be back soon. Lots of men were on a work trip that year. I carried on with my normal life but was always confused as to why Ruth never went to school. I asked Mum everyday and she would always say “don't worry about it”. Yes I knew Ruth was different but why, I wanted to find out. 

So one day I got up the courage to ask Mum what was wrong with Ruth. Mum said Ruth had a genetic disorder which meant she had a Magic Eye. Mum also said that our great great grandmother had the Magic Eye too. Mum didn't say much more than that. I was shocked! I told Mum that she should tell everyone about this magical gift that Ruth had. Little did I know back in those days being different could cost you.

Task description: For this week's writing task we had to write a narrative based on some photos that we had been given, I chose this eye. I do cliffhanger but watch out for the next part

Monday, November 9, 2020

Blog Commenting!!

Task description:For todays Cybersmart task we wrote down a couple top tips that you can use for your blog commenting. Remember the manaiakalani film festival is coming up this week get your blog commenting skills ready 

Wednesday, November 4, 2020



Task description:For today's maths tasks we did more Probability