Tuesday, December 5, 2017

All About Term 3 Animation (Ambassador Application)

What was involved with my animation

Writing - Narrative - Ideas

Animation - visual artwork

Science - Planet Earth and beyond - What makes Earth habitable

Music - Own background music

How my animation shows learn create share

First I learnt what we were doing for our animation I got really excited because I found out that we were going to be writing narratives. And since the whole theme of the term was Guardians of the Galaxy the theme for the narrative was that a problem goes wrong on the earth so we have to leave Earth then we have to go in to space and find a new planet. But something goes wrong in space, then they sort it out, then they find a new planet and they adapted to that planet.Then I created a thought for my planet - I would make a pink planet because pink is my favourite colour and the thing that would go wrong is they can't find a planet that they could adapt to. But in the end I find the pink planet it has all the natural resources that they would need to live on a place just like Earth but only pink. And if you wanted to know my characters names well that's easy - Zoe Chloe and there dog Neptune.
Now on to Share. I shared it on my blog And my teacher from you for Mr Moran he shared it with training teachers at Waikato University. So that is how my term 3 animation shows learn create share.

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