Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Animation Term 3

This is my term 3 animation. It is about Two twins who have an adventure to find a new planet because their planet is destroyed. We created this because we were learning about writing narratives and what it means to take care of our planet. I found that this took a long time to create because there was lots of detail to add into moving the characters across my screen. I learnt that if I work hard I can create something magnificent! Please check out my animation and leave me a comment.


  1. This is such an amazing animation Rika Roo! You've put so much hard work into this, you should be proud of yourself. Ka Pai!

  2. Wow, Marika! Your finished animation looks great! My favourite part is when Zoe and Chloe build a little pink house to live in on the little pink planet. I think I would like to live there!

    Miss West

  3. Rika, that is an AWESOME animation!!! You have such a wonderful imagination :) I especially loved the fire butterfly :)
    Love you SO much, and miss you lots!
    Love from Lulu