Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hyper Studio Animation Narrative

time to look at our planet

Zoe and Chloe were identical twins who had a pet dog called Neptune. One day, they looked at Earth and said, “What did we do to this beautiful planet?” they were the last ones on Planet Earth which got the girls thinking, maybe we should build a limousine rocket ship so we can go out into space just like the other ones.

building time

they built their pink limousine, made it so there was still gravity inside it when they went in outer space,put some food in the kitchen that they built-in the limousine,100 water bottles,put the clothes in the suitcase and of course their favourite thing to wear, pink tutus. And they were off.

looking for a planet

They went past Jupiter, Uranus , Saturn and Neptune
Jupiter was just made out of gas how were they going to live on that planet And it also didn't have gravity.

They looked on Uranus but it's made out of hydrogen and helium so they can't live on that and of course they had no Gravity again.

I couldn't live on Saturn Because it had 6% of Hydrogen and 94% of helium And again it didn't have any gravity.

They looked on Neptune but well it was only made out of 80% Of hydrogen and 19%Of helium And once again it had no gravity!

Zoe and Chloe we're getting sick of trying to find a planet and of course Neptune didn't like it either well he did like going to Neptune.

They sat in their pink limousine rocket ship for a few hours watching TV Then they decided to go roam around in the solar system for the rest of their life maybe even go out of the solar system The first time they went out of the solar system they felt a bit lonely because they didn't know what to do Without their parents their grandparents and gone and  it was just really really sad for them because they couldn’t find anyone that was their family.

the perfect planet
After one-year both of the girls were 10 So they celebrated what going to each planet in the solar system even went to some planets out of the solar system and to celebrate for the night they went further than they had ever been out of the solar system and they saw this little light That was there favourite colour well it was Zoe’s favourite colour  and is Chloe’s second favourite colour A pink light.  The girls keep going closer and closer and it got bigger and bigger They got to that perfect planet the pink planet it was suitable for them live in  it even had gravity it had oxygen and it even have some playful Friends  unicorns, trolls, leprechauns, Mermaids ,There even was a playful dragon that was pretty nice
so their life did turn out good they built a nice little cottage and the sky was Pink and Zoe just died basically the first night because she absolutely loved the pink.

And that is the end of our  tale

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