Friday, April 28, 2017

Wellington Zoo

Have you ever been to Wellington Zoo? Well I just went to Wellington Zoo. I had never been before so it was very cool. Do you know that in Wellington Zoo they don't breed the animals, they get the animals from other zoos.

I went five other children. It was me, the birthday boy, his sister and brother and my other two cousins who live in Auckland.

Wellington Zoo is a cute little zoo and it had lots of cool animals. One of the first animals we saw were the otters. They were eating some cat food and diving into the water. They looked very cute.

Another cool animal was the emu. An emu walked right past my Aunty, it wasn't frightened of anything. He was a very harmless creature that is why in the "Neighbours Area" (Australian Area), all the animals get to walk around anywhere they like. There are doors that keep them in. Even the kangaroos could go anywhere they want - but they hide away.

This other animal I didn't get pictures of, but you could search in Google to see how cute they area - Chimpanzees. One little chimpanzee was having a fight with his mother inside their house. Just as we were about to leave all the chimpanzees went outside to their playground. One chimpanzee is actually quite good at art, they hold the brush with their mouth.

There was a really cool slide the I went on. It was even suitable for little kids. It was just like the slide at Auckland Zoo - maybe a bit smaller. My cousins and I all went down at the same time and the youngest cousin went at the front and she actually enjoyed it.

My favourite animal was the Sun Bear, from South East Asia. I've seen a bear before, but not as close as this one. I just loved his yellow nose.

The cool thing about Wellington Zoo is that you can see the whole zoo in just one morning. It make sit easy when you have young children. If you are ever in Wellington, make sure to go  to the zoo.

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  1. Hi Marika

    I haven't been to Wellington zoo before so thanks for sharing your experience on your blog. It must of been a lot of fun hanging out with your friends and cousins. I will tell Julianna that you saw a sun bear as she likes them too. Keep up the great blogging.

    Mrs Lagitupu