Thursday, April 13, 2017

Greenly, Environmentally After

Once upon a time there was a “W w wait is this a fairy tale?”

“Why yes.”

“I thought I asked for an action book.”

“We are reading it.”


Once upon a time there was a king. He loved gold. He wanted to cut down the trees and make the ground gold. He had a very loyal and kind son. He was much more clever than his Dad. His name was William. His Dad said that the gold kingdom would be his one day. The prince knew that his Dad was kookie dooks and that when his Dad died that he would become king. One day a princess came to the castle and saw no trees. She was horrified. The princess knocked on the door and the prince opened it.

The prince said, “Sorry for the goldness. Blame it on my Dad.”

The princess’ name was Charlotte. She just went so she could see Prince William. Prince William talked with Princess Charlotte for hours and hours. The butler came to tell some good and bad news.

The butler said, “Do you want to hear the good or bad news?”

The Prince said, “The bad news.”

The butler told them that the Prince’ Dad died...King Hufflety. The Prince was sad but now he could change everything back to green instead of everything being gold. And of course, the good news was that he could now be king. Prince William blushed and brought Princess Charlotte into the room. He said, “Will you marry me and become Queen Charlotte of Westleton?”

Princess Charlotte (I mean, Queen Charlotte), said “Yes!”

King William and Queen Charlotte had their wedding. The next big thing was to change everything back into it’s normal And they lived greenly, environmentally after.


  1. Awesome story Rika Roo, I loved the way you started your story. Look forward to reading more of your blog posts. Have a good holiday :)

  2. What a cool story, Rika! I love your imagination!! I'm glad King William and Queen Charlotte turned everything back to green at the end - much better than gold :)
    Love from Lulu xoxo