Friday, April 28, 2017

Wellington Zoo

Have you ever been to Wellington Zoo? Well I just went to Wellington Zoo. I had never been before so it was very cool. Do you know that in Wellington Zoo they don't breed the animals, they get the animals from other zoos.

I went five other children. It was me, the birthday boy, his sister and brother and my other two cousins who live in Auckland.

Wellington Zoo is a cute little zoo and it had lots of cool animals. One of the first animals we saw were the otters. They were eating some cat food and diving into the water. They looked very cute.

Another cool animal was the emu. An emu walked right past my Aunty, it wasn't frightened of anything. He was a very harmless creature that is why in the "Neighbours Area" (Australian Area), all the animals get to walk around anywhere they like. There are doors that keep them in. Even the kangaroos could go anywhere they want - but they hide away.

This other animal I didn't get pictures of, but you could search in Google to see how cute they area - Chimpanzees. One little chimpanzee was having a fight with his mother inside their house. Just as we were about to leave all the chimpanzees went outside to their playground. One chimpanzee is actually quite good at art, they hold the brush with their mouth.

There was a really cool slide the I went on. It was even suitable for little kids. It was just like the slide at Auckland Zoo - maybe a bit smaller. My cousins and I all went down at the same time and the youngest cousin went at the front and she actually enjoyed it.

My favourite animal was the Sun Bear, from South East Asia. I've seen a bear before, but not as close as this one. I just loved his yellow nose.

The cool thing about Wellington Zoo is that you can see the whole zoo in just one morning. It make sit easy when you have young children. If you are ever in Wellington, make sure to go  to the zoo.

My Cousin's Birthday

Wow!! that was amazing The birthday party that l went to. It was my cousin's birthday. The theme was Trolls and it was in Wellington!! Me and my grandparents (that l call Gigi and Graga) drove down and my mum stayed home to fed the cat.

OK the party. I was the oldest kid, but that didn't stop me from having fun. There was a big bouncy castle, bikes and balls. We played with all of those in a gym.

The bouncy castle was so cool because it had huge columns that were bouncy.
the game that we played on the bouncy castle was that we had to run back and forward and do ten high 5s to the girls on each side.

Bikes are cool but not when you can't fit them. But lucky for me I had one bike that I could fit on. The bike was made to fit two people and I was the driver. I asked lots of kids if they wanted to ride on the bike. I asked them if they wanted to go medium, fast or slow. Some said medium, some said fast and some said slow.

Upstairs from the gym there was a party room. There were Troll hats, yummy food and a big Troll cake. When we went upstairs we put our Troll hats on and had some yummy food. We sang Happy Birthday to my cousin Lucas and the cake was delicious. If you have ever seen the movie Trolls then you would know about the Bergens. Bergens are the creatures who want to eat the Trolls. Some of the adults came downstairs, pretending to be Bergens and chased us around the foyer.

After all of that nonsense some people went back to the birthday boy's house. I stayed there for quite a long time as my grandparents were doing something else - that only old people like to do.

So, that was the end of my party day.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Week 11 Problem Solving

Greenly, Environmentally After

Once upon a time there was a “W w wait is this a fairy tale?”

“Why yes.”

“I thought I asked for an action book.”

“We are reading it.”


Once upon a time there was a king. He loved gold. He wanted to cut down the trees and make the ground gold. He had a very loyal and kind son. He was much more clever than his Dad. His name was William. His Dad said that the gold kingdom would be his one day. The prince knew that his Dad was kookie dooks and that when his Dad died that he would become king. One day a princess came to the castle and saw no trees. She was horrified. The princess knocked on the door and the prince opened it.

The prince said, “Sorry for the goldness. Blame it on my Dad.”

The princess’ name was Charlotte. She just went so she could see Prince William. Prince William talked with Princess Charlotte for hours and hours. The butler came to tell some good and bad news.

The butler said, “Do you want to hear the good or bad news?”

The Prince said, “The bad news.”

The butler told them that the Prince’ Dad died...King Hufflety. The Prince was sad but now he could change everything back to green instead of everything being gold. And of course, the good news was that he could now be king. Prince William blushed and brought Princess Charlotte into the room. He said, “Will you marry me and become Queen Charlotte of Westleton?”

Princess Charlotte (I mean, Queen Charlotte), said “Yes!”

King William and Queen Charlotte had their wedding. The next big thing was to change everything back into it’s normal And they lived greenly, environmentally after.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017