Friday, March 17, 2017

Native Trees

                                                                                          Mr Burt
                                                                                          Pt England School
                                                                                          New Zealand

Pt England School
New Zealand


Dear Mr Burt,

Our team has been thinking about planting a native garden in our school.
Planting a native garden would be very good for our environment since the creek is very polluted. The plants that we were thinking about to put in our native garden are: harakeke and pohutukawa.
Harakeke is good for the creek because it makes shade so that water weeds don’t grow.
When too many water weeds grow they stop the creek from flowing and make the water dirty.
Pohutukawa with lots of leaves and wide big branches makes lots of shade and can provide shelter from the sun. We need shelter from the sun because then we won’t get sunburnt and we won’t get too hot.
We would like to do this before term 1 ends. Photos are down below where we could plant the native garden.

                                                                           By the villige        File_000 (1).jpegFile_002.jpeg
By the villige againFile_003.jpeg

Kind regards,

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  1. Great letter, Rika!! I hope that Mr Burt agrees to let you plant some harakeke and pohutukawa at your school - there would be lots of benefits!
    Love you lots, Lulu xoxo