Friday, March 24, 2017

Maui And The Sun Animation Voiceover

Hi and welcome to my Maui and the Sun animation. One day Maui thought why are the days so short? We don't have time to fish and time to cook. "I will get that sun" he said. Maui talked to his brothers and said "We need to grab the sun." His brothers laughed at him "We can't grab the sun" they said. But Maui said "if we work together we can make it happen. His brothers agreed  to his plan and set off. Maui grabbed the ropes and he said "brothers here is a rope." They tried to get the sun and they did. Maui pulled and pulled. Aowe! the Sun cried "Why are you pulling me?" "Because you make the days too short. Maui and his brothers let go. How this links to Kaitīakitanga i nga wā kātoa is that Maui can't plant trees, water the plants, and make sure the environment is looking healthy when it is dark. Thanks for watching.

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