Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Human Knot

It started with a nice quiet day, but then the racket began. Untying the human knot! How can I explain how hard it was? Well the only word for it is difficult.
To start we had to get in a circle and hold the hand of the person on the other side of the circle from us. Then the loudness began as we tried to untangle and make the perfect circle.
There were 3 teams. My team didn’t win but we had a lot of tremendous fun.


  1. What great fun!!! I remember doing this lots when I was at school, and you're right - it was tremendous fun :)
    Love from Lulu xoxo

  2. Hi Marika,

    I really like the vocabulary you have put into your writing. I really like how you have thought lots about what words you can use to make your writing interesting! Keep up the awesome work :)

    Miss West

  3. Hi Marika It's Kyra From Ohaeawai School.
    Wow Your Story Sounds Awesome. I Love The Part were You said The Only Word For This Is Difficult. And Also It Sounds Like Tremendous Fun.
    Happy Blogging Kyra :)

  4. Hi Marika I enjoy going on your blog alot keep up the good work.