Friday, January 6, 2017

Wednesday 4th January

Yesterday I went to San Diego Science Museum and the USS Midway.

What I saw at Science World was that I saw a really cool Lego exhibition by Nathan Sawaya. He is a very good Lego artist and makes cool creations Lego. Somethings he's made up himself and some thing she copies - like the Mona Lisa and Starry Night. There were other pictures but those were two of my favourite. One of my favourite creations was the big T-Rex made out of Lego. 

After that we went to go and have lunch in Balboa Park.

Following after we went to the waterfront to go and see the USS Midway. It is a boat that has been turned in to a museum because it once was a navy boat that carried aeroplanes that could take off and land on the boat. The boat is huge it could fit 4500 people.
The first thing that we did is that I went with my mum into an old aeroplane - it couldn't fly but it was still very cool to play in. My uncle had a turn too in a different plane - it was a jet.

Then we went below deck to see where the sailors eat, sleep, where the hospital and dentist were, where they go to chapel and the laundry, the toilet, and the living room space and some weapons. What I found really interesting was that the sailors had to cut their hair every ten days because they were very strict and the navy is still strict nowadays.

After that we went up top on to the flight deck and it had lots of the planes, but nowadays the planes don't take off from this ship. On the flight deck we went inside some planes and some helicopters. We walked all the way to the edge to see the majestic view of San Diego Harbour. In the water there seals and they were barking and playing.

That was my last day in San Diego. I sadly had to say goodbye to my aunty and uncle who went back to their house in Vancouver.

Now I am somewhere SUPER exciting.... but you'll have to wait to hear about it.


  1. Uncle and I are enjoying your narration of your holiday. I read out your posting and uncle and I have a chuckle every now and then but most of all we are finding it so interesting. We are see that you are enjoying your holiday give mum a big hug from us. Love you heaps princess xoxo

    1. Hi Aunty Ivy and Uncle John,
      I just gave mummy a big hug. I love that you are loving my blog posts about San Diego and Vancouver. There will be an extra special post either today or tomorrow. Love you both heaps