Wednesday, January 4, 2017

San Diego Zoo

I just visited the coolest zoo in the world. The zoo is called San Diego Zoo - because I am in San Diego.   

At San Diego Zoo my mum, uncle and aunty and I saw some amazing creatures from parts of America, Africa, Australia and Asia. The zoo took us nearly 9 hours to get around - that's how big it is. It has about 7 different areas and there are 2 more under construction of which one will be opened in 2017 for summer and the other has only just been closed.

The first animal we saw was a Panda Bear. Pandas are the cutest thing ever and I had never seen a Panda before. The Pandas were eating bamboo like all Pandas do and having sleeps. 

The next animals that we saw were some different bears. They were hiding at the back of their enclosures because they were a bit scared, It was my first time seeing a bear so I was a bit freaked out.

After that we went to see giraffes that were really up close. We saw two rhinoceros that each had one big horn. Also we saw the koalas and some other animals.  
The koalas when they are born they are the size of a jellybean but then they grow bigger. I bet you know that koalas are nocturnal so they were sleeping when we were there. But one of the koalas moved - so that was a really big thing.
Now am going to talk about one of my favourite animals - the elephant. They were African and Asian elephants. Elephants are threatened in the wild because people keep killing them for their tusks and 5 of the 7 elephants had tusks. The reason why elephants are one of my favourites is because they are so big and I love how they use their trunk.

Another animal was the Jaguar. I have never seen a Jaguar before. It was kind of like a big cheetah. The Jaguar was growling a bit when we got there. We had no idea why he was growling but it sounded cool.    

I can't believe that I saw polar bears. I had never seen polar bears before and it was a once in a life time opportunity to see these animals playing and eating so close.  I have always wanted to see polar bears because I really wanted to see what they looked like and how big they were. The sad thing is that their home is melting because of global warming so that is why the people at San Diego Zoo are trying to help. All 3 polar bears are orphans because their mothers died because they didn't have enough food. We all have to take care of our planet to help the polar bears.       

After the polar bears we had lunch and then we went to see a very big animal. This animal is very fierce and it was a once in a lifetime chance to see Gorillas so close. We saw them active and the big boys were trying to show off  because they wanted to impress the female. They were doing some sort of stretches, basically people stretches.                                                                                                                                                

I really enjoyed seeing the snakes. I especially liked the pythons because we don't have snakes in NZ. I wish we had pythons and other snakes at Auckland Zoo because it would be more fun. But I understand that we need to keep our natural habitats free from snakes.

I saw soooo many animals today. We had such an amazing day at San Diego and it was everything I hoped it would be.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


  1. It looks like you have left the cold and snow behind and are now in a warm place!
    San Diego Zoo is a wonderful place to visit. Many years ago when I was your age I had a funny thing called a view finder. It works a bit like Google Expeditions. My favourite disks to view were of the San Diego zoo and I spent hours looking at the animals. So I was delighted to go there several years ago as an adult. Thanks for sharing so much about this.
    Keep safe and having fun
    Mrs Burt

    1. Hi Mrs Burt,
      The zoo was very cool and I might have a view finder at home - but it doesn't have pictures of San Diego Zoo on it. I am pleased I got to see it in real life. At the beginning I think my mum was more excited about the zoo than I was, but once we got going I just loved it.
      I'm happy that you also enjoyed the zoo several years ago.

  2. Hey Marika!

    What a good trip! It looks like you had heaps of fun at the Zoo. I liked your paragraph on your experience with polar bears. I am also really sad that their home is melting.

    I hope we can find a way to save all the animals that are in real trouble. Did you hear that scientists are finding ways to clone animals jut from a small amount of DNA? So we might see the revival of extinct species yet!

    I hope you're having a great time over there and Happy New Year!


    1. Hi Mark,
      I really like Polar Bears and I hope that the world uses more solar power to help stop global warming to make sure that the icebergs don't melt so we can help the polar bears and all other animals.
      Thank you for commenting on lots of my blog posts, I really like reading what you say.

  3. Hey Marika! Sure looks like you're having an AMAZING holiday! I must admit I'm envious as have never been to the San Diego Zoo before and I would love to see the Polar Bears and Panda Bears. When I was in San Diego (many, many, many years ago) I went to Sea World which was great too! Would you recommend me taking my boys to the Zoo if we visit California? You will have seen SO many things over the last few weeks, its great that your blog posts and photos will help remind you of all the amazing places you have visited!! Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing where you visit next. Mrs Belt