Monday, January 9, 2017


Who loves Lego? Well I do that's way my mum gave me for Christmas tickets for one day at Legoland and one night stay in the Lego Friends Hotel. So I went to Legoland with her.

The hotel was amazing. It had some small Lego sculptures but they were nothing compared to the sculptures in the park. The hotel lobby had a big dragon and if you pressed a button it would make noises. It also had a Lego minifgure - that was huge - holding a surfboard. Another thing in the lobby is that there was big castle, that wasn't made on Lego but it had lots of minifigures on top of it made out of Lego.

Me and my mum had different rooms, but we were still in the same suite. My room had a bunk bed and a cool game that you could play on the wall and also my own TV. My mum's room has basically the same thing but her bed was a king sized bed.

Legoland was filled with Lego sculptures and lots of fun rides. My favourite ride was the Dragon Roller coaster themed to be from the medieval times. It went pretty fast. It wasn't an upside down roller coaster but to me it was so fun.

A cool thing in Legoland is that it has a Lego Friends Land. At Lego Friends Land sometimes the Lego Friend girls do shows. Their names are Stephanie, Andrea, Emma, Mia and Olivia. They are best friends and I got to meet them.

There were lots more rides that I went on but they weren't as exciting as those two activities.  Legoland was terrific and it had a mini USA made out of Lego and also Star Wars things,

Now we are starting a new adventure and I'm so busy and very tired from all our adventures, that I am having trouble keeping up with my blog posts.


  1. Hi Marika,

    It sounds like you are having a wonderful time on your trip to Canada and the U.S. I'm not surprised that you're so tired that you're finding it hard to keep up with your blog posts! We are really appreciative that you are making time to fill us in on your activities, though. It's great to learn more about Legoland. The Lego Friend show sounded particularly cool. It's pretty special that you were able to meet the girls who performed in the show. What did you say to them when you met?

    I hope that you and you mom have had plenty of time to relax after your adventures at Legoland. Once you have some more energy and time, please hop back online and tell us more about your latest outings. We're really looking forward to hearing more!

    Rachel :)

  2. This would've been your dream come true, what an awesome experience to have with your mummy! What was your favourite part of Legoland? Did mum go on the dragon roller coaster? I bet she screamed! Haha