Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Disneyland - Day One

 I am in a place where all dreams come true ... Disneyland! This is my second time at Disneyland, if you look at the labels below you can see the adventures I had last time.

On my first day st Disneyland we went on a really cool ride called The Haunted Mansion based on the movie A Nightmare Before Christmas. The second thing we went on was Pirates if the Caribbean. We did get a little bit wet but we didn't care because it was scary but also fun. 

The coolest ride we did that day was Big Thunder Mountain. It is a big roller coaster and it is based on the Wild West.

We went to a cool restaurant for dinner and it was inside the pirates of the Caribbean. The restaurant didn't move but we had yummy food. I had the best mud cake and it was shaped like Mickey Mouse. 

The last thing we did is we went to a really cool show called Paint the Night. It is a show that is all neon colours. We even got to see Elsa in her castle and of course it was bright neon blue.

We were at Disneyland for a very very very long time. We were there for 15hours! I got very tired because all of my energy was used up on the Teacups, my favourite ride of all.

I had an outstanding magical day where dreams come true at Disneyland.


  1. Hi again Marika!

    Wow I've always wanted to go there! It sounds like you had an awesome time. I am especially jealous of your photo with Captain Hook! 15 hours in Disney Land. I would never have guessed it stayed open so long!

    I'm definitely adding this to my list of places to go. Keep up the fantastic blogging ! It is amazing to read about your adventures!

    Ka ki te!


  2. Hi Marika,

    I am sure that you are very tired after your huge day at Disneyland. I can't imagine going anywhere for 15 hours and, yet, your family stayed at the park for the entire time. WOW! Thankfully it sounds like there were tons of fun rides and entertaining shows to watch. I've never heard of the 'Paint the Night' show before. I would have loved to see Elsa light up her castle in bright, neon blue lights!

    I hope that you now have time to relax and reflect on your amazing day at Disneyland. I still remember going there when I was younger and, guess what?

    My favourite ride was also the Teacups!

    Keep up the great work with your blogging, Marika. We love the pictures that you post and the stories that you tell.


    Rachel :)