Saturday, January 14, 2017

Meeting Characters

Do you know characters from Walt Disney Studios? Well I know lots so I got to see lots of those characters. One of the characters I saw was the whole the most famous characters in Walt Disney Studios - Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse was in his wizard costume that means he was pretending to be Merlin the Sorcerer.

The next characters that I saw were the princesses. The princesses that I saw were Ariel - the swimming princess, Snow White - the kind princess and Cinderella. When I was five I always used to visit the princesses everyday, but this time I saw them only once.

You might know these characters because it is quite an old story. It is called Alice in Wonderland. I saw the Mad Hatter who is at the Mad Unbirthday Party and I saw the main character from the story. It was out of the blue when we saw them. We had to take such a quick photo because we had to quickly had to get to one of the most popular rides in Disneyland before everyone in the park went to that ride.

Now these characters are what little girls want to see at Disneyland, they are the main characters from Frozen. The joy of little girls and beloved sisters - Anna and Elsa. I saw them and Anna braided my hair and they both looked very pretty - just like in the movie.

This is the newest release from Disney. It is a character from the story Moana and the story is all about our cluster Manaiaklani and the foundations of Manaiakalani. I saw Moana she was very nice and she said we should voyaging one day but I said "I don't think so because I live in NZ."

This character is my Uncle's favourite character - Donald Duck. He is one of the original characters that Walt Disney made. I saw Donald Duck last time I was in Disneyland when I was with my Uncle Howard. But this time we took a photo for his birthday.

Finally we saw one of my favourite Disney Character - Princess Tiana from The Frog Princess. I like Tiana because I like her dress and she is very kind.

These characters aren't the last characters I'll see because we've still got lots of fun to have in the wonderful place called Disneyland.

Friday, January 13, 2017

World of Colour

Imagine a magnificent show made out of water, well I just saw the coolest water show on earth. It is called the World of Colour and it is in Disneyland, where I am at right now.

My mum got us tickets this amazing dessert place right in front of the show so we could see lots of the show and eat dessert. The other people watching the show had to try and get a spot by waiting for an hour and they had to stand up - we had a chair and table. The desserts were so delicious. We had a yummy macaroon (my favourite thing), chocolate cake, cheesecake, dulce de leche shortbread, grapes, cheese and a coconut/chocolate biscuit. We also got cheese sticks and a basket of bread.

But the most exciting thing my cup. My cup was magical, wonderful and was filled with yummy sprite. It glowed with the show and it was in theme with the lights. For an example, if it was talking about the movie Frozen the cup would turn blue and when they talked about Bambi it turned orange or brown.  The cup was so magical that even the kids next to us - their cups were in time with the show. I even got to take the cup home - but we are not sure how it will fit in the suitcase.

I don't think that you will believe how majestic the show was and if you went at the front you would get completely soaked. It was magical, majestic and the most coolest show I've ever seen in my life. 
It was another great thing at Disneyland.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Disneyland - Day One

 I am in a place where all dreams come true ... Disneyland! This is my second time at Disneyland, if you look at the labels below you can see the adventures I had last time.

On my first day st Disneyland we went on a really cool ride called The Haunted Mansion based on the movie A Nightmare Before Christmas. The second thing we went on was Pirates if the Caribbean. We did get a little bit wet but we didn't care because it was scary but also fun. 

The coolest ride we did that day was Big Thunder Mountain. It is a big roller coaster and it is based on the Wild West.

We went to a cool restaurant for dinner and it was inside the pirates of the Caribbean. The restaurant didn't move but we had yummy food. I had the best mud cake and it was shaped like Mickey Mouse. 

The last thing we did is we went to a really cool show called Paint the Night. It is a show that is all neon colours. We even got to see Elsa in her castle and of course it was bright neon blue.

We were at Disneyland for a very very very long time. We were there for 15hours! I got very tired because all of my energy was used up on the Teacups, my favourite ride of all.

I had an outstanding magical day where dreams come true at Disneyland.

Monday, January 9, 2017


Who loves Lego? Well I do that's way my mum gave me for Christmas tickets for one day at Legoland and one night stay in the Lego Friends Hotel. So I went to Legoland with her.

The hotel was amazing. It had some small Lego sculptures but they were nothing compared to the sculptures in the park. The hotel lobby had a big dragon and if you pressed a button it would make noises. It also had a Lego minifgure - that was huge - holding a surfboard. Another thing in the lobby is that there was big castle, that wasn't made on Lego but it had lots of minifigures on top of it made out of Lego.

Me and my mum had different rooms, but we were still in the same suite. My room had a bunk bed and a cool game that you could play on the wall and also my own TV. My mum's room has basically the same thing but her bed was a king sized bed.

Legoland was filled with Lego sculptures and lots of fun rides. My favourite ride was the Dragon Roller coaster themed to be from the medieval times. It went pretty fast. It wasn't an upside down roller coaster but to me it was so fun.

A cool thing in Legoland is that it has a Lego Friends Land. At Lego Friends Land sometimes the Lego Friend girls do shows. Their names are Stephanie, Andrea, Emma, Mia and Olivia. They are best friends and I got to meet them.

There were lots more rides that I went on but they weren't as exciting as those two activities.  Legoland was terrific and it had a mini USA made out of Lego and also Star Wars things,

Now we are starting a new adventure and I'm so busy and very tired from all our adventures, that I am having trouble keeping up with my blog posts.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Wednesday 4th January

Yesterday I went to San Diego Science Museum and the USS Midway.

What I saw at Science World was that I saw a really cool Lego exhibition by Nathan Sawaya. He is a very good Lego artist and makes cool creations Lego. Somethings he's made up himself and some thing she copies - like the Mona Lisa and Starry Night. There were other pictures but those were two of my favourite. One of my favourite creations was the big T-Rex made out of Lego. 

After that we went to go and have lunch in Balboa Park.

Following after we went to the waterfront to go and see the USS Midway. It is a boat that has been turned in to a museum because it once was a navy boat that carried aeroplanes that could take off and land on the boat. The boat is huge it could fit 4500 people.
The first thing that we did is that I went with my mum into an old aeroplane - it couldn't fly but it was still very cool to play in. My uncle had a turn too in a different plane - it was a jet.

Then we went below deck to see where the sailors eat, sleep, where the hospital and dentist were, where they go to chapel and the laundry, the toilet, and the living room space and some weapons. What I found really interesting was that the sailors had to cut their hair every ten days because they were very strict and the navy is still strict nowadays.

After that we went up top on to the flight deck and it had lots of the planes, but nowadays the planes don't take off from this ship. On the flight deck we went inside some planes and some helicopters. We walked all the way to the edge to see the majestic view of San Diego Harbour. In the water there seals and they were barking and playing.

That was my last day in San Diego. I sadly had to say goodbye to my aunty and uncle who went back to their house in Vancouver.

Now I am somewhere SUPER exciting.... but you'll have to wait to hear about it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

San Diego Zoo

I just visited the coolest zoo in the world. The zoo is called San Diego Zoo - because I am in San Diego.   

At San Diego Zoo my mum, uncle and aunty and I saw some amazing creatures from parts of America, Africa, Australia and Asia. The zoo took us nearly 9 hours to get around - that's how big it is. It has about 7 different areas and there are 2 more under construction of which one will be opened in 2017 for summer and the other has only just been closed.

The first animal we saw was a Panda Bear. Pandas are the cutest thing ever and I had never seen a Panda before. The Pandas were eating bamboo like all Pandas do and having sleeps. 

The next animals that we saw were some different bears. They were hiding at the back of their enclosures because they were a bit scared, It was my first time seeing a bear so I was a bit freaked out.

After that we went to see giraffes that were really up close. We saw two rhinoceros that each had one big horn. Also we saw the koalas and some other animals.  
The koalas when they are born they are the size of a jellybean but then they grow bigger. I bet you know that koalas are nocturnal so they were sleeping when we were there. But one of the koalas moved - so that was a really big thing.
Now am going to talk about one of my favourite animals - the elephant. They were African and Asian elephants. Elephants are threatened in the wild because people keep killing them for their tusks and 5 of the 7 elephants had tusks. The reason why elephants are one of my favourites is because they are so big and I love how they use their trunk.

Another animal was the Jaguar. I have never seen a Jaguar before. It was kind of like a big cheetah. The Jaguar was growling a bit when we got there. We had no idea why he was growling but it sounded cool.    

I can't believe that I saw polar bears. I had never seen polar bears before and it was a once in a life time opportunity to see these animals playing and eating so close.  I have always wanted to see polar bears because I really wanted to see what they looked like and how big they were. The sad thing is that their home is melting because of global warming so that is why the people at San Diego Zoo are trying to help. All 3 polar bears are orphans because their mothers died because they didn't have enough food. We all have to take care of our planet to help the polar bears.       

After the polar bears we had lunch and then we went to see a very big animal. This animal is very fierce and it was a once in a lifetime chance to see Gorillas so close. We saw them active and the big boys were trying to show off  because they wanted to impress the female. They were doing some sort of stretches, basically people stretches.                                                                                                                                                

I really enjoyed seeing the snakes. I especially liked the pythons because we don't have snakes in NZ. I wish we had pythons and other snakes at Auckland Zoo because it would be more fun. But I understand that we need to keep our natural habitats free from snakes.

I saw soooo many animals today. We had such an amazing day at San Diego and it was everything I hoped it would be.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Monday, January 2, 2017


 Whistler is a very famous mountain in Canada so we thought that we would go up it too. Whistler is a very cool mountain. You can go skiing, snowboarding, play with the snow, shop in the village or hike in the summer. But we got to go on the Coca Cola Tube Park.

Tubing is really fun, you slide down a big hill using a big round tube shaped like a donut. There were lots of lanes that you could go down and the scariest ones were really downhill. First I went on the middle-sized lane because I was a little too scared t go on the big one. My mum tried to make me go down the biggest one on my second go but I said "No No No!"

We had to walk in a line up the mountain to get to go down tubing again. You got five or six times before your time would run out.  We went up this thing called a Magic Carpet - it's kind of like an escalator that takes you all the way up to do more tubing.
Finally my mum forced me to go on the big one and on my last turn I did. And... it was actually pretty fun.

The snow goes in your face as you go down the hill as it is very very fast. So what we did when we went tubing we pulled down our hat and pulled up our scarf to cover our face. It is better to have a see through hat so we could see where we were going and it was really cool.

Whistler was really cool and had actual snow that we didn't have in the city of Vancouver. It took two hours to get to Whistler, so on the way home I had a big nap. It was New Year's Eve, so it was a great New Year's Eve thing to do.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Vandusen Gardens

The spot where the wedding was.
So let me tell you about the Vandusen Gardens. These gardens are where my Aunty and Uncle got married when I was 5 and I came over to be their flower girl. When we got to the Gardens I remembered some memories from 3 years ago like running around with bare feet, hiding under a big willow tree waiting for the wedding to start and the small lake behind my Aunty and Uncle during the wedding.

The Gardens were all set up with lights for Christmas - or Winter. My favourite lights were Candy Cane Lane, Gingerbread Lane and a Paris theme that was just beautiful. We walked around for about an hour and it was very cold because it was 6 at night and would you believe that at that time it was dark - because it is winter and we are in Vancouver.

Grouse Mountain

 Yesterday we went to Grouse Mountain. It was like a winter wonderland. We had to wait in a line to get on the cable car for over half an hour - but it was worth it. When we got to the top we just kept our mouths open because we were so surprised about the enchantment of the whole mountain.
I loved the mountain because it had secret hide outs in the trees with deep real snow that I hadn't seen at my uncle's house. We played and played and saw some gingerbread houses. My favourite gingerbread house was the Elsa castle.
The mountain was so busy that we couldn't even get lunch! The lines were so long. We had a time limit because we had to get to the Christmas Lights - so enough about Grouse Mountain now I'll tell you about the lights at Van Dusen Gardens.