Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Can One Man Be A Band

 Here is some questions about the text that we read that is called the one man band. Here is the link to it. can one man be a band

Hour Of Code

Computers, iPhones, chromebooks and TV's that are part of our lives, that is why it's good to now all about them and you have to now about coding before you start because coding is what makes the computer run you can also make games with coding on and scratch.this morning we did an hour of code on the last coding game I did was Moana and Maui trying to Voyage around the sea. It was really fun.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Ambassador Application Movie

This is my Ambassador Application I am Showing learn create share In nearly all my years at Point England I learnt created and shared. I think Learn create share can help you learning very much Because you can manage your time better because you would be learning About what you are doing and then maybe you Would read a couple of tex maybe you would watch a video then you would create what you were doing then you would share it on your blog. I would be very excited to be an ambassador because I think it is an amazing Opportunity to have and Also you get to talk A lot which I love.

All About Term 3 Animation (Ambassador Application)

What was involved with my animation

Writing - Narrative - Ideas

Animation - visual artwork

Science - Planet Earth and beyond - What makes Earth habitable

Music - Own background music

How my animation shows learn create share

First I learnt what we were doing for our animation I got really excited because I found out that we were going to be writing narratives. And since the whole theme of the term was Guardians of the Galaxy the theme for the narrative was that a problem goes wrong on the earth so we have to leave Earth then we have to go in to space and find a new planet. But something goes wrong in space, then they sort it out, then they find a new planet and they adapted to that planet.Then I created a thought for my planet - I would make a pink planet because pink is my favourite colour and the thing that would go wrong is they can't find a planet that they could adapt to. But in the end I find the pink planet it has all the natural resources that they would need to live on a place just like Earth but only pink. And if you wanted to know my characters names well that's easy - Zoe Chloe and there dog Neptune.
Now on to Share. I shared it on my blog And my teacher from you for Mr Moran he shared it with training teachers at Waikato University. So that is how my term 3 animation shows learn create share.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Piano Animation

This is my extension animation about how the piano works I used hyperstudio to make it and GarageBand to make the song. Hope you enjoy.

Compare and Contrast Musical Genre

For extension we had to compare and contrast two genre of music. I chose 60s Rock and Roll and Modern Pop - two of my favourite types of music.

Tirama Tirama nga Whetu

This is my Twinkle Twinkle Little Star movie - we sang it in Maori. I used Hyperstudio to animate.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Acting recount

As I got my Chromebook and my book to get ready to go over to the year 6 block to do my steps, Miss West stopped me to tell me to get back by 10:30. The time was 10:15 so I only had 15 minutes to do my steps. After my steps I ran to put on my shoes. I didn't know what we were doing so I got in line and Miss West took us to the field. She explained what we were doing. She told us that we were going to play an acting game. What we had to do was create a big circle then some one comes into the circle and does an acting scene.When Miss West tells the person to freeze, another person comes into the circle and has to make an acting scene from the shape that they are in. I would give this acting game a 7 out of 10.

Onto the next game. It is where you get into a group of 3 or 4 and make a type of picture frame with people freezing inside of the picture frame. Wee had only 30s to make up what we were doing. About 3 groups performed. I would give this game a 5 out of 10. Then it was time to go back to class. I enjoyed the games and I hope that we can do more games like these in the future. 

The end.

Friday, November 10, 2017

A Tune About School

This  tune is about a school day time table. When you listen try to picture a school day. Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Comprehension Task

Do you think it is a good idea to learn our times tables using songs? Why/ why not?

I think that we should make a song then we should put the times tables that we find difficult in the song.It is just like our abc's. 
When I told my Grandma that I had trouble with my times tables she sang me a song. She said that that was how she learnt her times tables when she was at school.

The times tables that I find the hardest is my 6 times tables because I just can't work them out.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Adaption to Aquivia

This movie tells how people were able to adapt to live on Aquivia.

The Planet Aquivia

This is the animation I made for Extension. It is all about a new planet that I created. I used Hyperstudio to make my animation.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Animation Term 3

This is my term 3 animation. It is about Two twins who have an adventure to find a new planet because their planet is destroyed. We created this because we were learning about writing narratives and what it means to take care of our planet. I found that this took a long time to create because there was lots of detail to add into moving the characters across my screen. I learnt that if I work hard I can create something magnificent! Please check out my animation and leave me a comment.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

3rd Paideia seminar

I think  that the Paideia seminar was a success and everyone had a turn at speaking. The things I could work on is not speak to much. I have got some ideas for term 4 Paideia seminar maybe we could say that we had to speak at least 3 times to get a lolly or even if you talked more than 5 times you have to encourage other people to speak

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hyper Studio Animation Narrative

time to look at our planet

Zoe and Chloe were identical twins who had a pet dog called Neptune. One day, they looked at Earth and said, “What did we do to this beautiful planet?” they were the last ones on Planet Earth which got the girls thinking, maybe we should build a limousine rocket ship so we can go out into space just like the other ones.

building time

they built their pink limousine, made it so there was still gravity inside it when they went in outer space,put some food in the kitchen that they built-in the limousine,100 water bottles,put the clothes in the suitcase and of course their favourite thing to wear, pink tutus. And they were off.

looking for a planet

They went past Jupiter, Uranus , Saturn and Neptune
Jupiter was just made out of gas how were they going to live on that planet And it also didn't have gravity.

They looked on Uranus but it's made out of hydrogen and helium so they can't live on that and of course they had no Gravity again.

I couldn't live on Saturn Because it had 6% of Hydrogen and 94% of helium And again it didn't have any gravity.

They looked on Neptune but well it was only made out of 80% Of hydrogen and 19%Of helium And once again it had no gravity!

Zoe and Chloe we're getting sick of trying to find a planet and of course Neptune didn't like it either well he did like going to Neptune.

They sat in their pink limousine rocket ship for a few hours watching TV Then they decided to go roam around in the solar system for the rest of their life maybe even go out of the solar system The first time they went out of the solar system they felt a bit lonely because they didn't know what to do Without their parents their grandparents and gone and  it was just really really sad for them because they couldn’t find anyone that was their family.

the perfect planet
After one-year both of the girls were 10 So they celebrated what going to each planet in the solar system even went to some planets out of the solar system and to celebrate for the night they went further than they had ever been out of the solar system and they saw this little light That was there favourite colour well it was Zoe’s favourite colour  and is Chloe’s second favourite colour A pink light.  The girls keep going closer and closer and it got bigger and bigger They got to that perfect planet the pink planet it was suitable for them live in  it even had gravity it had oxygen and it even have some playful Friends  unicorns, trolls, leprechauns, Mermaids ,There even was a playful dragon that was pretty nice
so their life did turn out good they built a nice little cottage and the sky was Pink and Zoe just died basically the first night because she absolutely loved the pink.

And that is the end of our  tale

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Paideia Seminar Reflection

I thought that the seminar was much better than our first one. Everyone had a go at speaking and we are much better at listening than talking.  I was very surprised with myself because I didn't talk as much as I thought. When I found out what we would be talking about in the Paideia seminar I was very surprised I thought we would be talking about the Production but we were actually talking about something else. My topic was technology and how people use too much technology.

The thing that I'd like Improve on is staying focused on my work to get more work done.

I learnt that I can talk less. I enjoyed listening to other people’s ideas and thinking of what I should say and then saying it.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Immersion Day - Space Food

This is one of the the activities we did for our immersion rotation. This rotation was all about space food.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sailing Animation

This is my animation about sailing changing over time hope you enjoy.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Back In The Day Reflection

I loved the production but it took 5 seconds to end it, but you know the saying time goes fast when you're having fun.If I was Mr Burt and I had a rating of each production that we did in the school I would give our production number 10.

The thing that I'm going to change about the production is nothing it was amazing.before I went on stage I had butterflies in my tummy but when I sung
my song I felt alive.I had never sung in front of an audience before so that was my first time ever.The thing I love most about the production was everything I loved every bit of the production and I hope you guys could have seen it because it was amazing.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Matariki Pounamu Performance

Last Friday at school we celebrated Matariki with an assembly and lots of fun activities.

Here I am doing one of my favourite things - performing in Kapa Haka.

Monday, June 5, 2017

My Third Netball Game

We played St Heliers and won 13 - 3. I scored 1 goal.

Where is Miss West?

What has happened to Miss West this week?
Screenshot 2017-05-29 at 10.49.46 AM.png
I think what happened to Miss West is that in the night aliens abducted her. They sent a message to Mr Burt saying that she was sick and she was going to have to go to the hospital for the week.

However, the aliens took her to their secret lab in space and told her that if she didn’t tell them the teacher’s password then something very bad would happen to her.  The aliens hypnotised Miss West into sharing the password.

Once they had the password, the aliens grabbed Miss West’s computer and entered the teacher’s password. And guess what they wanted to do? They just wanted some work to do - because it was so boring in space.

The aliens kept the computer and gave Miss West a new one. Miss West was kinda happy and the aliens were really happy.

Poor Miss West found that the new computer was covered in alien goo from the alien’s hands. She was able to clean the keyboard with dettol spray, but it still kept some of the sticky, stinky smell to remind her of her adventures in space.

Friday, May 19, 2017

First Netball Game

This is my first netball game for the year hope you enjoyed and I was the centre

Friday, April 28, 2017

Wellington Zoo

Have you ever been to Wellington Zoo? Well I just went to Wellington Zoo. I had never been before so it was very cool. Do you know that in Wellington Zoo they don't breed the animals, they get the animals from other zoos.

I went five other children. It was me, the birthday boy, his sister and brother and my other two cousins who live in Auckland.

Wellington Zoo is a cute little zoo and it had lots of cool animals. One of the first animals we saw were the otters. They were eating some cat food and diving into the water. They looked very cute.

Another cool animal was the emu. An emu walked right past my Aunty, it wasn't frightened of anything. He was a very harmless creature that is why in the "Neighbours Area" (Australian Area), all the animals get to walk around anywhere they like. There are doors that keep them in. Even the kangaroos could go anywhere they want - but they hide away.

This other animal I didn't get pictures of, but you could search in Google to see how cute they area - Chimpanzees. One little chimpanzee was having a fight with his mother inside their house. Just as we were about to leave all the chimpanzees went outside to their playground. One chimpanzee is actually quite good at art, they hold the brush with their mouth.

There was a really cool slide the I went on. It was even suitable for little kids. It was just like the slide at Auckland Zoo - maybe a bit smaller. My cousins and I all went down at the same time and the youngest cousin went at the front and she actually enjoyed it.

My favourite animal was the Sun Bear, from South East Asia. I've seen a bear before, but not as close as this one. I just loved his yellow nose.

The cool thing about Wellington Zoo is that you can see the whole zoo in just one morning. It make sit easy when you have young children. If you are ever in Wellington, make sure to go  to the zoo.

My Cousin's Birthday

Wow!! that was amazing The birthday party that l went to. It was my cousin's birthday. The theme was Trolls and it was in Wellington!! Me and my grandparents (that l call Gigi and Graga) drove down and my mum stayed home to fed the cat.

OK the party. I was the oldest kid, but that didn't stop me from having fun. There was a big bouncy castle, bikes and balls. We played with all of those in a gym.

The bouncy castle was so cool because it had huge columns that were bouncy.
the game that we played on the bouncy castle was that we had to run back and forward and do ten high 5s to the girls on each side.

Bikes are cool but not when you can't fit them. But lucky for me I had one bike that I could fit on. The bike was made to fit two people and I was the driver. I asked lots of kids if they wanted to ride on the bike. I asked them if they wanted to go medium, fast or slow. Some said medium, some said fast and some said slow.

Upstairs from the gym there was a party room. There were Troll hats, yummy food and a big Troll cake. When we went upstairs we put our Troll hats on and had some yummy food. We sang Happy Birthday to my cousin Lucas and the cake was delicious. If you have ever seen the movie Trolls then you would know about the Bergens. Bergens are the creatures who want to eat the Trolls. Some of the adults came downstairs, pretending to be Bergens and chased us around the foyer.

After all of that nonsense some people went back to the birthday boy's house. I stayed there for quite a long time as my grandparents were doing something else - that only old people like to do.

So, that was the end of my party day.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Week 11 Problem Solving

Greenly, Environmentally After

Once upon a time there was a “W w wait is this a fairy tale?”

“Why yes.”

“I thought I asked for an action book.”

“We are reading it.”


Once upon a time there was a king. He loved gold. He wanted to cut down the trees and make the ground gold. He had a very loyal and kind son. He was much more clever than his Dad. His name was William. His Dad said that the gold kingdom would be his one day. The prince knew that his Dad was kookie dooks and that when his Dad died that he would become king. One day a princess came to the castle and saw no trees. She was horrified. The princess knocked on the door and the prince opened it.

The prince said, “Sorry for the goldness. Blame it on my Dad.”

The princess’ name was Charlotte. She just went so she could see Prince William. Prince William talked with Princess Charlotte for hours and hours. The butler came to tell some good and bad news.

The butler said, “Do you want to hear the good or bad news?”

The Prince said, “The bad news.”

The butler told them that the Prince’ Dad died...King Hufflety. The Prince was sad but now he could change everything back to green instead of everything being gold. And of course, the good news was that he could now be king. Prince William blushed and brought Princess Charlotte into the room. He said, “Will you marry me and become Queen Charlotte of Westleton?”

Princess Charlotte (I mean, Queen Charlotte), said “Yes!”

King William and Queen Charlotte had their wedding. The next big thing was to change everything back into it’s normal And they lived greenly, environmentally after.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sentence Types

Walt: include descriptive and creative vocabulary in our writing.
Walt: use a variety of sentence types.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Maui And The Sun Animation Voiceover

Hi and welcome to my Maui and the Sun animation. One day Maui thought why are the days so short? We don't have time to fish and time to cook. "I will get that sun" he said. Maui talked to his brothers and said "We need to grab the sun." His brothers laughed at him "We can't grab the sun" they said. But Maui said "if we work together we can make it happen. His brothers agreed  to his plan and set off. Maui grabbed the ropes and he said "brothers here is a rope." They tried to get the sun and they did. Maui pulled and pulled. Aowe! the Sun cried "Why are you pulling me?" "Because you make the days too short. Maui and his brothers let go. How this links to Kaitīakitanga i nga wā kātoa is that Maui can't plant trees, water the plants, and make sure the environment is looking healthy when it is dark. Thanks for watching.

Friday, March 17, 2017


Wow! That was a busy week . I can't wait for next year well if you know what I'm talking, about camp!! It was astonishing.We  got to sleep in tents and do activities too. And can we went to Mangere pool
The Activities we did were The Killer zone, Get lost, Youthtown games, playing  with scooters and skateboards and playing ping pong and Basketball. We did one more cool thing...kayaking!!

Now let's talk about my highlights my favourite highlights were camp concert, falling out of the kayak and winning camp concert. It was funny when I fell out of the kayak with my friend Roshaan. Winning camp concert was really cool and we had to do our item twice.

I learned how to work as a team. I learned how to ride a skateboard while holding onto someone’s tshirt while they were riding a scooter. I also learned how my friends snore!

I would just like to thank all the people that came to help like teachers, parents, Mr Somerville and Mr Burt. Camp was the most amazing camp I have ever had in my life. I want to do it again this year.

At the end of camp we went to mangere pools. It was really fun.

Native Trees

                                                                                          Mr Burt
                                                                                          Pt England School
                                                                                          New Zealand

Pt England School
New Zealand


Dear Mr Burt,

Our team has been thinking about planting a native garden in our school.
Planting a native garden would be very good for our environment since the creek is very polluted. The plants that we were thinking about to put in our native garden are: harakeke and pohutukawa.
Harakeke is good for the creek because it makes shade so that water weeds don’t grow.
When too many water weeds grow they stop the creek from flowing and make the water dirty.
Pohutukawa with lots of leaves and wide big branches makes lots of shade and can provide shelter from the sun. We need shelter from the sun because then we won’t get sunburnt and we won’t get too hot.
We would like to do this before term 1 ends. Photos are down below where we could plant the native garden.

                                                                           By the villige        File_000 (1).jpegFile_002.jpeg
By the villige againFile_003.jpeg

Kind regards,

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Human Knot

It started with a nice quiet day, but then the racket began. Untying the human knot! How can I explain how hard it was? Well the only word for it is difficult.
To start we had to get in a circle and hold the hand of the person on the other side of the circle from us. Then the loudness began as we tried to untangle and make the perfect circle.
There were 3 teams. My team didn’t win but we had a lot of tremendous fun.

Look After Nature

Pt England Nature


Pt England is beautiful. I love the luscious green grass and the whistling wind. The chirping of the birds and the joyful noise of the children. I love Pt England nature and I hope it stays that way because the creek next to our school is polluted and we need to look after it.


Monday, February 6, 2017

Problem Solving

This is my problem solving  presentation  . hope you like it.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Meeting Characters

Do you know characters from Walt Disney Studios? Well I know lots so I got to see lots of those characters. One of the characters I saw was the whole the most famous characters in Walt Disney Studios - Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse was in his wizard costume that means he was pretending to be Merlin the Sorcerer.

The next characters that I saw were the princesses. The princesses that I saw were Ariel - the swimming princess, Snow White - the kind princess and Cinderella. When I was five I always used to visit the princesses everyday, but this time I saw them only once.

You might know these characters because it is quite an old story. It is called Alice in Wonderland. I saw the Mad Hatter who is at the Mad Unbirthday Party and I saw the main character from the story. It was out of the blue when we saw them. We had to take such a quick photo because we had to quickly had to get to one of the most popular rides in Disneyland before everyone in the park went to that ride.

Now these characters are what little girls want to see at Disneyland, they are the main characters from Frozen. The joy of little girls and beloved sisters - Anna and Elsa. I saw them and Anna braided my hair and they both looked very pretty - just like in the movie.

This is the newest release from Disney. It is a character from the story Moana and the story is all about our cluster Manaiaklani and the foundations of Manaiakalani. I saw Moana she was very nice and she said we should voyaging one day but I said "I don't think so because I live in NZ."

This character is my Uncle's favourite character - Donald Duck. He is one of the original characters that Walt Disney made. I saw Donald Duck last time I was in Disneyland when I was with my Uncle Howard. But this time we took a photo for his birthday.

Finally we saw one of my favourite Disney Character - Princess Tiana from The Frog Princess. I like Tiana because I like her dress and she is very kind.

These characters aren't the last characters I'll see because we've still got lots of fun to have in the wonderful place called Disneyland.

Friday, January 13, 2017

World of Colour

Imagine a magnificent show made out of water, well I just saw the coolest water show on earth. It is called the World of Colour and it is in Disneyland, where I am at right now.

My mum got us tickets this amazing dessert place right in front of the show so we could see lots of the show and eat dessert. The other people watching the show had to try and get a spot by waiting for an hour and they had to stand up - we had a chair and table. The desserts were so delicious. We had a yummy macaroon (my favourite thing), chocolate cake, cheesecake, dulce de leche shortbread, grapes, cheese and a coconut/chocolate biscuit. We also got cheese sticks and a basket of bread.

But the most exciting thing my cup. My cup was magical, wonderful and was filled with yummy sprite. It glowed with the show and it was in theme with the lights. For an example, if it was talking about the movie Frozen the cup would turn blue and when they talked about Bambi it turned orange or brown.  The cup was so magical that even the kids next to us - their cups were in time with the show. I even got to take the cup home - but we are not sure how it will fit in the suitcase.

I don't think that you will believe how majestic the show was and if you went at the front you would get completely soaked. It was magical, majestic and the most coolest show I've ever seen in my life. 
It was another great thing at Disneyland.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Disneyland - Day One

 I am in a place where all dreams come true ... Disneyland! This is my second time at Disneyland, if you look at the labels below you can see the adventures I had last time.

On my first day st Disneyland we went on a really cool ride called The Haunted Mansion based on the movie A Nightmare Before Christmas. The second thing we went on was Pirates if the Caribbean. We did get a little bit wet but we didn't care because it was scary but also fun. 

The coolest ride we did that day was Big Thunder Mountain. It is a big roller coaster and it is based on the Wild West.

We went to a cool restaurant for dinner and it was inside the pirates of the Caribbean. The restaurant didn't move but we had yummy food. I had the best mud cake and it was shaped like Mickey Mouse. 

The last thing we did is we went to a really cool show called Paint the Night. It is a show that is all neon colours. We even got to see Elsa in her castle and of course it was bright neon blue.

We were at Disneyland for a very very very long time. We were there for 15hours! I got very tired because all of my energy was used up on the Teacups, my favourite ride of all.

I had an outstanding magical day where dreams come true at Disneyland.

Monday, January 9, 2017


Who loves Lego? Well I do that's way my mum gave me for Christmas tickets for one day at Legoland and one night stay in the Lego Friends Hotel. So I went to Legoland with her.

The hotel was amazing. It had some small Lego sculptures but they were nothing compared to the sculptures in the park. The hotel lobby had a big dragon and if you pressed a button it would make noises. It also had a Lego minifgure - that was huge - holding a surfboard. Another thing in the lobby is that there was big castle, that wasn't made on Lego but it had lots of minifigures on top of it made out of Lego.

Me and my mum had different rooms, but we were still in the same suite. My room had a bunk bed and a cool game that you could play on the wall and also my own TV. My mum's room has basically the same thing but her bed was a king sized bed.

Legoland was filled with Lego sculptures and lots of fun rides. My favourite ride was the Dragon Roller coaster themed to be from the medieval times. It went pretty fast. It wasn't an upside down roller coaster but to me it was so fun.

A cool thing in Legoland is that it has a Lego Friends Land. At Lego Friends Land sometimes the Lego Friend girls do shows. Their names are Stephanie, Andrea, Emma, Mia and Olivia. They are best friends and I got to meet them.

There were lots more rides that I went on but they weren't as exciting as those two activities.  Legoland was terrific and it had a mini USA made out of Lego and also Star Wars things,

Now we are starting a new adventure and I'm so busy and very tired from all our adventures, that I am having trouble keeping up with my blog posts.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Wednesday 4th January

Yesterday I went to San Diego Science Museum and the USS Midway.

What I saw at Science World was that I saw a really cool Lego exhibition by Nathan Sawaya. He is a very good Lego artist and makes cool creations Lego. Somethings he's made up himself and some thing she copies - like the Mona Lisa and Starry Night. There were other pictures but those were two of my favourite. One of my favourite creations was the big T-Rex made out of Lego. 

After that we went to go and have lunch in Balboa Park.

Following after we went to the waterfront to go and see the USS Midway. It is a boat that has been turned in to a museum because it once was a navy boat that carried aeroplanes that could take off and land on the boat. The boat is huge it could fit 4500 people.
The first thing that we did is that I went with my mum into an old aeroplane - it couldn't fly but it was still very cool to play in. My uncle had a turn too in a different plane - it was a jet.

Then we went below deck to see where the sailors eat, sleep, where the hospital and dentist were, where they go to chapel and the laundry, the toilet, and the living room space and some weapons. What I found really interesting was that the sailors had to cut their hair every ten days because they were very strict and the navy is still strict nowadays.

After that we went up top on to the flight deck and it had lots of the planes, but nowadays the planes don't take off from this ship. On the flight deck we went inside some planes and some helicopters. We walked all the way to the edge to see the majestic view of San Diego Harbour. In the water there seals and they were barking and playing.

That was my last day in San Diego. I sadly had to say goodbye to my aunty and uncle who went back to their house in Vancouver.

Now I am somewhere SUPER exciting.... but you'll have to wait to hear about it.