Friday, December 23, 2016

Vancouver Science Museum

I love science so that is why we went to the super Science Museum. The Science Museum is shaped like a sphere. The bottom is basically most of the museum but the top two levels are inside the sphere and that is where the iMax cinema and a green house garden are.

The museum has two floors. We went to the second floor first. It has a kids area where can play with water, light and sound.
The water had all different kinds of activities inside a big trough. There was even a water slide - but people can't go down it. A gun would shoot plastic balls on to a target that was up really high. Then the ball would go down the water slide and through the troughs. This activity taught us about how water flows using gravity. We were able to build a dam out of blocks and direct the water through water wheels.
One of the activities using light was the shadow room. In the shadow room you go inside and stand against a special kind of wall. A light then flashes for half a second and it leaves behind a print of your shadow on the special wall.
The last type of activity used sound. There were lots of coloured lights on the ground that we could stand on that would make different sounds that came out of speakers above you. There were also fake instruments and tubes that played sounds depending on how you touched them.

This museum taught me about physics, chemistry and having fun.

That was another great day in Vancouver. - even though it rained ice and was freeeeeezing!

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  1. It looks and sounds like you are having a super wonderful time in Canada!! Did you remember to give Uncle Mike and Aunty Tinana BIG hug from me? We are enjoying reading about what you're getting up to over there :-) Lots of love from Lulu, Kason and Cohen xoxo