Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Aquarium

Today I went to the Vancouver Aquarium which is filled with lots of amazing animals and exhibits.  The things that we went to see were the cool jellyfish, the snappy sharks, the sliding snakes, the dancing dolphins, the slimy stingrays and the magic macaws.

My favourite thing by far was touching the stingrays. You would think that stingrays were pretty rough - that's what I thought, but they are really slimy. When you touch the stingray you have to use two fingers and only touch them in the middle of their body. The thing that scared me about the stingray is that I would get stung and not have a happy rest of my holiday in Vancouver. But it was good that I didn't get stung.

Another thing that I liked were the dolphins. The dolphins were on of my favourite things because we went to see their show, It was freezing outside but I didn't care as I was going to see Helen and Chester the dolphins - and the funny thing is my mum's name is Helen! The dolphins jumped and leaped, just like last time I was in Vancouver and I saw the dolphins leap in the aquarium.

The snake - I was terrified when I first saw it as we do not have snakes where I live. This snake was humungous. It was so big and fat that I didn't know how long it was. Even if I had seen how long it was, I was too terrified to even read the words that would have told me. 

I had a sensational Christmas Eve Eve in Vancouver.

PS: If you're in NZ it is really Christmas Eve

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  1. Very cool blog post! I have never been to Vancouver but I really want to go now that I have read your blogs!

    Keep up the great work!