Thursday, December 29, 2016

Museum of Anthropology - and Moana

Oh My Gosh! Today I just went back to NZ - I'm just joking. I went to the Museum of Anthropology and the exhibits looked so similar to Maori art that I felt at home.
The MOA is a museum you can go to - that your country may have too - to learn about the history of the people in your country and even some countries close by.
I saw a big statue of some kind of dog or bear. It was quite huge. Beside the bear was a big totem pole that nearly reached up to the ceiling and the ceiling was very tall.
Some other cultures there were Samoan, Fijian, Japanese, Chinese and also some artwork from New Zealand. Mostly there was lots of art from native Canadians. My favourite culture was the native Canadians because they have to live around snow (close to Santa's house at the North Pole) and their art and designs looked like Maori art that I see at home.

After the museum we went to go and see the new release movie - Moana. Moana is the story of Manaiakalani and the voyagers who traveled by following the stars. I really liked Moana and it is now my favourite Disney movie.

It was kind of a relaxing day. I didn't write yesterday because I was relaxing on the couch watching movies :-)


  1. What a cool experience! I am not very familiar with indigenous Canadian art and carving. It looks really impressive!

    I wish we had a museum like that here. Do you know what anthropology means?

    Looking forward to more blogs,


  2. my goodness princess it looks as though you are having a ball. your dad sent me a link to your kapa haka mauri ora princess. I am about to send it off to your nana janine and koro andy as they perform kapa haka and teach it. they perform for Patea Maori Club.
    till you blog again love to the moon and back Aunty Ivy and Uncle John xoxoxoxo