Wednesday, December 21, 2016

First Day in Vancouver

Would you believe that I am in Vancouver? I am here because it is Christmas and my uncle lives here.
Today I have been celebrating my Aunty's birthday. We have been ice skating, having amazing crepes, visiting a Christmas fair, playing in the snow and having a delicious dinner at a fancy restaurant;

There is snow in Vancouver but unfortunately it is not snowing now. I am crossing my fingers that it snows again on Christmas day. This was my first time seeing snow in my whole entire life! It has been so fun looking at the snow while in the city. But more fun playing in the snow at my Uncle and Aunty's house. I just built my first snowman yesterday with mum. It was heaps of fun but pretty dark at only 5pm.

At the Christmas Fair there was a giant Snow Globe that we could play in with fake snow. The fake snow got all through my hair and down my back.

At the fancy restaurant for dinner I had two mini cheeseburgers with a caesar salad and a coke. For dessert we had a birthday cake for my aunty. The birthday cake was layered with chocolate, icing and cake. On the side there was a big shard of dark chocolate and ice cream with strawberries.

I had an amazing first day in Vancouver.


  1. Wow Marisa. I can't believe you are actually in Canada. How was the be flight over? While you have been in snow it has been super hot in Auckland. I look forward to reading all about your white Christmas. I have never been in the snow at Christmas.
    Have fun
    Mrs Burt

    1. Hi Mrs Burt, the flight was good but I did feel a little sick at the end as it was sooo bumpy.
      The snow has been melting away but we still have some in the front garden at my Uncle's house. And I do hope for more snow at Christmas time. - Stay tuned!

  2. Rika roo! That looks like you're having such an amazing time! How was ice skating? I love ice skating. Hope to skype soon and catch up! Hope you're both having a nice time away!

  3. Oops Marika - I do know your name :( I blame auto correct on my iPad!

  4. Kia ora Marika!

    I'm Mark and I'm a teacher working on the Summer Learning Journey with Rachel! I know you're not doing our programme, but rather are documenting your own travels which is amazing! I will try keep up with your travels as it looks like you're putting a lot of effort into your posts, which is really cool!

    I'm so excited about this rather special learning journey of yours!

    Kia kaha! Stay strong and enjoy your Summer/Winter vacation!


  5. Looks like your having fun glad to see you blogging