Tuesday, December 27, 2016


On Christmas morning my uncle just would not wake up! So I had to stomp by his bedroom. My Aunty said to my Uncle "What is that stomping?" and my uncle said "I think that is an 8 year old trying to wake us up so she can open her stocking."
So eventually he woke up. I was going to wake him up with a very funny song, but I thought I should be nice because it is Christmas.
Once he was awake and downstairs we opened the pets' stockings. They got pet toys and treats. Then it was time for me to open my one.

My stocking had a big lollipop - my favourite thing. Two Toblerones, two Crunchies, two books, socks and undies and also a note pad. I may have gotten one thing more, but I can't remember. But I do love my giant lollipop I was eating it all day on Christmas day.
For breakfast we had pancakes with maple syrup. Canada is known for its maple syrup so it was very very yummy.
After breakfast we had to wait for my uncle again. He was cleaning the kitchen and wouldn't let anyone help him. Once he was finished his jobs we got to open presents that were under the tree.
One of my favourite presents was from my mum. My mum gave me the best present ever. It was tickets to go to Legoland for one day and to stay one night in the Lego Friends hotel. Another favourite present was my unicorn slippers. They light up when you stand on them - but you do have to turn them on first. They are very comfortable. 
One of my other favourite presents was my Lego watch. It came with a minifigure called Stephanie. The watch isn't made out of Lego even though it looks like it.

My last favourite present were my Star Wars pajamas - inf act I am wearing them right now while writing this story. I got my pajamas from my cat Skipo. You have heard about her in some of my other stories.

Thank you to everyone for all my lovely presents that I am very grateful for.

In the afternoon we went to watch Star Wars. My mum joked that I should wear my t Wars pajamas - but I didn't. We watched the new Star Wars movie and I kinda liked it. I'm not a big fan of Star Wars.

For dinner my Aunty - who is a great cook - made a beautiful turkey that was soooooo yummy.

Merry Christmas to our whanau in NZ and everyone that is reading my story.
Meri Kirihimete

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