Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Boxing Day Cricket

On Boxing Day it snowed and snowed! So my mum thought we should go and play snow cricket. How do you play snow cricket? It is just like normal cricket except you play in the snow and you don't use a real ball but snowballs. When you hit the snowballs, they collapse and went in to our face.
It was my first time ever seeing snow fall out of the sky - since Auckland, NZ is just too hot for snow.

You just couldn't imagine how much it snowed. It snowed and snowed for more than two hours. The snowflakes were very delicate.

After a while it started to rain and the snow disintegrated and turned into sludge. Since snow can be a bit annoying (but also playful) sometimes you have to shovel it up so that it won't get in people's way or turn into sludge. So people buy salt from the store and they sprinkle it where the sludge was to stop ice appearing the next morning.

But luckily our winter wonderland came back later in the day with the beautiful majestic snowflakes.


  1. Hi Marika,

    Wow! It looks like you are in Canada. That is my home country :) I hope that you enjoyed your game of snow cricket. It's pretty fun to run around in the snow, isn't it?

    Happy holidays to you and your family! Have a safe and happy start to 2017.

    All the best,

    Rachel (and the Summer Learning Journey blogging programme team)

  2. Hi Rachel, It is fun playing in the snow, I bet your home town gets more snow than Vancouver - this snow is very unusual. I'm loving my holidays and thank you for reading my posts - I will be posting from the USA next week!

  3. Hi Marika!

    Wow, it sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday. We're really enjoying your posts! We'll definitely keep reading them and commenting over the next few weeks.

    Have a safe trip to the US! Where in the United States are you headed? Are you going down the west coast (below Vancouver) or will you be flying over the east side of the country?

    Wishing you and your family a very happy new year!


  4. Loved watching you trying to eat the snowflakes our princess xoxo