Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I Love Treasure - Animation

This is my animation. Press the green flag to play and then the space bar to reset it.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Making Butter

Dancing Raisins

This is my Dancing raisins. How the science work is that the little holes on the raisins attach on to the carbon dioxide and lift the raisins up with the bubbles and dance.

Ginger Beer

Milk Colours

This is my HyperStudio animation called milk colours. How the science works is that the fat of the milk is attaching on to the dish washing liquid making a swirl of colours. Hope you enjoy my movie.

The Fire Forest

I don’t know if you know this story but I do. Take a moment to listen to my amazing story. It all started when an ice Queen Elizabeth and an Ice King sam had a lovely daughter called Juliet she was a lovely girl. But at only six years old the ice queen Elizabeth died. Juliet was heart broken.
Seven years later Juliet’s father (ice king) married another woman called Miranda she liked very fancy things, oh and I forgot to mention her three daughters their names were Alexandra, ellania and almora they were sweet little girls but only their mother thought that ok now ack to juliet.
Juliet though that the three daughters were very nice but they weren’t. They were as evil as their mother thats why they called Juliet Buliet one year later her dad died the sisters made Juliet be their slave. One night they even made her sleep in the attic.
One day a letter came in the mail it was a letter from Prince romeo there was to be a royal ball. The sisters loved the prince but Juliet didn’t think it was such a big deal. She knew there were going to be lots ofscreaming girls everywhere around the kingdom
So she went to the bush to have a walk and guess who she met on the way Prince romeo. Juliet saw him coming but she didn’t scream like every other girl would. She just said hi and kept walking the prince looked at Juliet and thought she was very beautiful so he followed her.
She then came into a fire forest and went through the most terrifying bush in the world. Juliet wasn't scared of the fire forest, even though she just had a handbag and nothing else She didn't know the prince followed her all the way through the fire Forest But as soon as she stepped one foot out of the fire Boris the creatures the naughty naughty creatures came and grabbed her by the neck and tried to choke her to death but then the mighty Prince came to save her When the prince Her she said thank you and ran away. The prince was thankful that she said thank you but he was a little bit disappointed that she Couldn't stay so he could looked after her when she was going on her walk. So the prince followed Juliet all the way through the bush. She came out of the bush and she saw  prince Romeo and thought actually he's not that bad he did save my life from the naughty Fire Warthogs.
All afternoon Julia and Romeo had a nice conversation But the poor step sisters they had to wait at the royal gates for 12 hours to see Romeo  But Romeo didn't come out he wanted to stay in the royal castle  to have a royal wedding with his lovely bride Juliet.

The end