Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ginger Beer

More scared than ever I opened the bottle of ginger beer then something happened Bubbles started coming to the top. I opened it completely, the bubbles came to the top and made a huge explosion. It was really fun. I got all wet. It was also exciting. We called our ginger beer the rainbow star drink.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fun in Rotorua

We did lots of fun things in Rotorua.

Rainbow Springs to see Kea, Kakariki, Trout, Swans and the Big Splash.

Hamurana Springs and the Redwood Forest

Te Puia to see Pohutu and the mud pools


This week we went to Rotorua. In Rotorua the ground is very hot because it is basically a big volcano.

In Rotorua we went to see the biggest geyser in the southern hemisphere - Pohutu. There are also lots of mud pools that sound like someone is burping. Rotorua smells terrible in some places because of the sulphur, but you can get used to it.

I loved Rotorua, I had so much fun.

Riverside Camp

Last week I went to Riverside Camp. Riverside Camp is held every year at Willow Park at Eastern Beach. We play lots of games and have lots of fun.

My favourite game was sliding through the foam. Another messy game was where we got a bucket and put it on our head. The bucket had water in it and also holes. We had to run around the cones and tip our water into a bigger bucket which had a person in it. I also loved jumping on the trampoline.

Thank you Mr Burt, Miss Haare, Mrs Burt, Mrs Hamilton, Mr Moran and all our leaders for a super fun camp.