Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lets Go Eels

On Wednesday a few People went to let’s go Eels. Let’s go Eels is a book that teaches you about rivers and creeks, that meant that we went to go to play games about plants and sea creatures that live in a creek and River But mostly about Eels. Another thing we did was some acting. We also looked at the creek and we saw a pukeko but did we didn't see any eels so that means the creek is not clean. We learnt that we always need to not litter because otherwise there won't be any eels. After we looked at the creek we went to the Tusitala to do colouring of eels. Then the author of the book came her name was Robin she was the one who wrote the book. Then we played a memory game it had sea animals and plants on the card. After that we played who am I, who am I is a game where you guess what creature is on the card you put it on your head while your partners give you clues of what you are. After that we went to the hall to do some drama. We went under a parachute to pretend that we were hiding from a fisherman we also pretended that there was a thunderstorm and Robin put lots of balls on to the parachute while we were shaking it. After that we rescued an Eel from a Shopping basket, we had to work as a team so we could save the Eel. The Next thing we did was that we nearly got eaten by a stoat but then we said bad things to it and then it ran away.  The last thing we did was that we coloured in a river and drew all the animals that we learnt that day.  We finished off by asking questions to Robin. Thank you Robin for coming to our school.

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