Friday, June 17, 2016


The taniwha lived in Lake Taupo. He was light and dark green with a big tongue. At night he ate people who might be out on their waka.

One day a boy called Tamarereti looked into his kete for some food because he was hungry. As there was no fish, he got in to his waka and set off fishing. He caught three big fish.

When it was time came to go home, the wind wasn’t strong enough, so he thought he would lie down and go to sleep. When Tamarereti woke up he was on the other side of the lake and far from home.

Tamarereti’s tummy was still hungry so he made a fire and cooked one of his fish. He knew that night was falling and he was very scared

As he was eating his fish,
Tamarereti saw some glistening pebbles and had an idea. He went to the beach and picked up the pebbles.  He decided that he would pick up the pebbles and put them in his waka.and he set off in to the night.

He threw the pebbles in the sky. He pot the pebbles in to the sky because then the taniwha will not get him.

Wen Tamarereti got home he was tired. When he woke up he saw that he had a visitor, it was Ranginui.
Tamarereti thought he was going to be in big trouble but actually he wasn't going to be in trouble. Ranginui siad Tamarereti you have made the sky more beautiful and more safe thank you Tamarereti.

The End

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