Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Dream Bedroom

Special Feature
Describe each special feature of your dream bedroom.
Science lab
My science lab door says danger because it are dangerous chemicals inside the lab. The lab has a tablet a, phone a ,iPod and a Chromebook. In the science lab there is a secret Spy Lab if you keep going straight to the door that says keep out but you have to knock before going in.
Princess carriage bed
My princess carriage bed feels like you are a princess when you are there and lie down on it.It feels like you're going to Royal ball that night.It has wheels but my princess carriage bed does not move.
The puppy area
My puppy area is filled with dogs and puppies.The puppy area is very cute I buy toys and lots and lots of food. In the puppy area there are about 20 puppies and 4 mums and dads
The two pools
The two pools are inside. One of the pools has diving board. Another one of the pools has a slide and a ladder that you can use to get into it Oh and I forgot to tell you that the other pool that I first told you about, has water fountains and a ladder up to it.
The movie theatre
This movie theatre isn't like any other movie theatre it has 3D and 2D movies.  The movie theatre reads your mind about what you want to watch. You could watch Zootopia or you could watch any movie that you would want to watch and that means that you can have lots of friends over. The movie theatre has the biggest screen you have ever seen in your whole entire life.
The lolly  machine and the chocolate machine
My lolly machine reads your mind about what lolly you want and the great thing about it is that you don't have to pay for it .The chocolate machine has any chocolate you want you could have crunchy chocolate you could have  Moro chocolate you could have Dairy Milk chocolate you can have any sort of chocolate you would want. Even you can have chocolate sauce to put on your ice cream.
The beach
I know it seems crazy to have a beach in your room but it can happen. There is sand and saltwater and actual real sand from the actual beach and also actual salt water that is actually from the beach. So basically everything realistic is from the beach. You can build a sandcastle if you want and you can go into the water whenever you want. This beach is awesome.
The ice cream factory
My ice cream factory means that you can have some ice cream whenever you want. Ice cream factory can hold over a million ice cream flavours including chocolate sauce and sprinkles on it yummy. This ice cream factory is outside. The ice cream factory is called Tip Top ice cream.
The  Spa pool
Underneath my spa pool I have a pink trampoline so that means you can bounce into a hot tub.  There are actual bubbles that can  clean you. Oh and I forgot to tell you that the water in the spa pool is made of Hot Chocolate.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

School Starts Again

Tomorrow is the first day of school. I'm happy but also not happy. I am happy because I get to see my friends. I'm not happy because I won't be able to wake up in the mornings and play with my Lego and watch TV.  Also. I'll miss having free days of fun.

But I really can't wait to go to school tomorrow to see my friends and learn lots and lots.