Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tuesday 26th April

Today I went out for lunch I had fish and chips. For my drink I had lemonade.The cafe was in new market it was fancy. The fish and chips tasted really good especially the chips. I went out to lunch with my mum's friend Vanessa  her as a friend Charlotte and her 2 Children. We had to go to Newmarket because our car was  having a check up. (It had to stay overnight because there was something wrong with it) While they were fixing the car we went to watch Zootopia. In the cinema there was no one there except  me and my mum.
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I had a great day with my mum, she's amazing.


  1. hi marika you mast of had a big day doing all of that.your lunch looks yummy once i which zootopia its was a good movie. keep up the blog post