Friday, April 29, 2016

The Lego Story

My Lego stories can be a bit too long… but…. here it goes . (guys I'm going to call the Queen's daughter the Queen and I'm going to call the Queen the Actual Queen)

It all started with the Actual LEGO Queen saying “ I'm  going on  vacation.” She had decided that she needed a break. So she made her daughter be the Queen.
She went on vacation for 2 years.  
While she was on vacation her daughter got married to a very fine gentleman. The Queen's daughter then had a baby.  The people of NZ were overjoyed.
While on a vacation, the Actual Queen  heard about her new granddaughter she wanted to get back to New Zealand as fast as she could. The private planes were all booked out because lots and lots of pop stars wanted to go on tour. So the actual Queen gave up on booking private planes and she decided to stay at her Royal Hotel. She stayed on vacation for 2 more years.
The daughter grew up and then it was finally time for her to meet her grandmother. The Queen's daughter loved her grandmother.

With the return of the Actual Queen, all the other queens of the kingdom also decided to return. The queen of the sea animals came back from vacation, the queen of the land pets came back from vacation and the queen of the mermaids also came back from vacation. They had a very very fun celebration for all the Queens that were crowned again

Everyone  lived happily ever after.

The End

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