Friday, March 18, 2016

The Trouble With Charlie

For reading this week we read a story called The Trouble With Oatmeal. It is about a cat who moves away with her owners, but runs back to her old house to have kittens.
Cats are known to travel long distances to get back to places they know.

We wrote a script for a news show that share the story of Charlie -a cat we made up who returns home after travelling a long way.
Our challenge was to use all our Key Competencies to think of ideas, script, rehearse, film and then edit our movie.
The biggest challenge we faced was listening to everyone and sharing our ideas well.

In the end, we have all completed pretty cool movie.


  1. Hey Rika I really like the kittens in your crazy network and your acting. I hope to see more crazy things in the future from you. By Eden

  2. Hey Rika its me jazzelle i really like your video it is crazy you were funny in that video too i really like your teiddie bears that you were holding it was so cute. from jazzelle.