Friday, February 19, 2016

Ruby is Lost

In a small village by the creepy forest there lived a girl named Ruby. One day Ruby was playing with her family near the forest, when all of a sudden Ruby’s dad threw the ball too far. Ruby ran after the ball, but when she looked up, her family was gone!

Ruby looked everywhere, but she was unable to find her family. It was a disaster! Ruby began to shout HELP! for hours and hours, but no one came.
Ruby didn’t know what to do and she was starting to get hungry and thirsty. She tried one more time to shout HELP!.

It worked! Wonder Woman came in her invisible jet. Ruby was so surprised.  Wonder woman said “Hop on” and Ruby said “OK!”

Wonder woman took Ruby home where she was safe and sound.

1 comment:

  1. Marika, this is a wonderful Narrative. I love the way that Wonder Women recused Ruby. I also like the way you used short sentences for impact like "It was a disaster!". Great writing.