Saturday, January 30, 2016

My Christmas

I love this year’s Christmas, it was so amazing because I got to open present and hang out with my family.   

For my present I got a, BIKE - Brilliant! I loved it soo much. Some other things that I got were Spokeydokies they are colourful balls  that go on your spokes. To finish off my preset I got a helmet that is pink with a beautiful tiara on top.
For lunch we went to my uncle’s house and we had Christmas ham. I played with cousin Paige, she goes to Stonefield’s school, and her other cousins Kiera and Caitlyn. Also I played with my cousins Kason and Cohen - they were staying at my house for Christmas.

Christmas is really special because I get to see lots of my family who live far away - like Kason and Cohen. Also, Santa was pretty cool bringing me lovely presents. I loved my Christmas.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas Marika and got lots of awesome presents. Thank you for sharing your Christmas story with us.

  2. Hi Marika, what a fabulous Christmas you have had. I do not believe Mr Burt has Spokeydokies on his bike so I must find out where you get them so I can give him some for his birthday. Do you think he will like them?

    Mrs Burt