Monday, September 28, 2015

Cable Car

Today we went to the Cable Car in Wellington. There are two Cable Cars, while one goes up, one goes down.

First we got our ticket from a man. Then we scanned it at the gate to get in. During the ride up there 3 tunnels. The first tunnel was just a plain black tunnel. But the next one and the third one had disco lights. 

As we passed a cable car that was going down while we were going up, we waved "Hello" to the driver.

When you go up the hill you can see all of Wellington. It was cold and windy on top of the hill. Then we had to go back down. Once we got down we had lunch.

I loved the disco lights the most - they were delightful.


  1. What a fun adventure! Do you remember reading about the 'red rattlers' last term? Mrs Trimble

    1. Yes, I remember the Red Rattlers and mummy and I talked it when we were on the cable car.

  2. I love riding on that cable car too. It looks like you have great weather for it. I am glad you are having a lovely holiday.
    Mrs Burt