Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cathedral Cove

I went to Cathedral Cove with my mum and mummy's friend and her two sons - Fynn and Max.

First we walked and walked through the tress and bushes to get to the wonderful Cathedral Cove.

While walking through the bushes I didn't even know what Cathedral Cove was. My mum wanted to surprise me and so I kept guessing what it would it be. I thought it may be a normal cathedral like in Christchurch or maybe the trees had made the cathedral.

But when I got to the Cathedral Cove it was .... a cave. I was so surprised when I saw it. My eyes nearly blew out of my head! It was fun.

Once we were there, we ate Fun Sticks, Chippies and Marshmalllows. We ate all of those nutritious foods and then went back to the car park. I ran all the way and I was ahead of everyone.

Once we were back to the car we were so tired from two long walks in the bushes.

The End

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  1. Hi Marika, what a fun day. You must have been so surprised to find out the Cathedral Cove was a cave! Mrs Trimble walked to Cathedral Cove a long time ago, but I didn't bring any snacks so I was so hungry! From Mrs Trimble