Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Goat Island

Today Hendrick, Mummy, Coco, Aunty Ness and I went to Goat Island.

Goat Island is a special place for sea animals to live because there're lots of places to hide in the sea weed. People are not allowed to go fishing there - once some people got all the fish from a cave called the Snapper Cave, so there weren't any snappers living there anymore. You are not allowed to touch the shells and rocks because the animals would have to find new homes. You are not allowed to feed the fish otherwise their natural behaviour will be disturbed. You are not allowed to take your dog - in order to protect the penguins and other birds. Do not light fires anywhere in the reserve to protect the trees.

Goat Island is a great snorkelling place because when you go underwater you see many many fish.
When I was snorkelling with mummy we saw a whole school of snapper fish.

There is a big boat that is called The Glass Bottom Boat. Do you know why it is called The Glass Bottom Boat? It is because it has a glass bottom, the boat doesn't really have a bottom, but the floor is made of glass so that you can see the fish swimming. I saw another school of fish that was bigger than the school I saw when I was snorkelling - the fish were smaller though.

Last year I didn't know how to snorkel, I was arguing and crying instead of just doing it. But this year I was a professional superstar. Mummy had an idea that I could have my boogie board so I didn't have to jump on mummy when I was tired, I could jump on my boogie board instead. It wasn't very helpful though, because I kept slipping off.
It was sooooo fun snorkelling.

On our way home after we were so hot, tired and salty, we stopped at Charlie's Icecream and ate the best icecream in the whole wide universe. I got to have 2 scoops - raspberry and hokey pokey.

I loved Goat Island so much that on the way back home I said to mummy "I want to go snorkelling again when Uncle Mike and Aunty Tinana come to visit."

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Going to Bethell's Beach

Bethell's beach is a very special place to my family because Gigi's Nana used to own the beach. Everyone in our family is a Bethell.
When we were getting ready to go to the beach we got everything except my bucket and spade. We always forget my bucket and spade when we go to the beach. So when we went to Mitre 10 to get a new umbrella, we bought a spade. We didn't buy the bucket because they cost too much.
Then we went to the lake. It was a lake because the other river I am used to swimming in had germs in it, millions of germs in it.
It took a long time to walk over the sand dunes, but it would have taken even longer if I had kept stopping. At the top of the hilly sand dune, I climbed on my boogie board and mummy pulled me down. The sand was really hot because it is black sand.
The first thing that I did at the lake is I jumped on my boogie board and floated around. It was a little bit deep for me. 
Something silly happened. Mummy jumped on my lilo, that I got for Christmas and it looked really funny. 
Then mummy went up to get lunch ready. Gigi and I was still in the lake. Gigi went out second and I got out last.
What did I have for lunch? I had a ham sandwich, cherries and chippies. 
After that, mummy swam in the lake to see what was around the corner. When she was coming back I got the lilo and my boogie board and I went to mummy in the lake. Then we had another swim together.
When we were going home we walked along the edge of the lake and then the river, because I was too tired to go over the sand dunes again.
Mummy pulled me on my boogie board when the water was deep. But when it was very shallow I had to walk in the river. Sometimes I even crawled because I was so ch ch ch chilly. 
When we got to the end of the river we walked on the path to our car. 
When mummy was driving us home I thought that we had had a very good day. Then later I went to sleep in the car, I was tired!