Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Trip to Christchurch

I am up on top of the hill seeing the world of Christchurch.

I went to Willowbank. My favourite animal was the goat because they were cute and really greedy. My second favourite were the two otters because they made a funny sound right before they got their lunch. One of the eels was really really greedy, I was scared. We could hear their teeth scraping on the spoon.
It was a fun adventure.

I saw some giraffes at the church made from cardboard. The old cathedral fell down in the earthquake.

I saw the broken church with lots of pigeons living in it. It is a very special church to Christchurch.


  1. Wow Riky Diky Doooo what an amazing trip to CHCH! I love the Port Hills too!! See if Mummy will take you to Orana Park. Did you know Zoe is going to live in CHCH soon. What a shame she isn't there now... she would've loved to feed the goats too. See you soon princess and have a great last day! Lv Aunty Shelly

  2. Awesome Riky!! Looks like a fantastic trip!! You will have to come down and stay with cuzzie Zoe next year!! xx