Sunday, June 15, 2014

Going to Wellington

This weekend I went to Wellington because it was my cousins birthday party, he was turning 5.
After school on a hot sunny Friday, I went on the aeroplane. I watched frozen while we were on the plane.
As we landed, mummy had to call the flight attendant to bring me a lolly because my ears were hurting really badly. The girl behind us had something wrong too. 
Once we had landed, I was so excited because we were in Wellington and it was my first time. Even more exciting I got to see the pilots in the flight deck. They showed me lots of buttons and I told them the four forces of flight. 
There is lift to go up, drag to slow you down, thrust to make you go forwards and gravity to make you go down and land on the runway.
The pilots were impressed and they asked me to be a pilot. But I didn't want to be a pilot, I wanted to stay with mummy, daddy and all my family. 


  1. Hi Marika. You are so lucky to get to go and see the pilots. If you become a pilot one day I would love to go on a flight with you.
    I do love your Minnie Mouse.
    I can't wait to hear more about your time in Wellington.
    Your Mum and I and friends had a wonderful week in Wellington last year. We have lots of great memories. I hope you had a good time at your cousins party and a great flight home tonight.
    Anne K

  2. Well well my maori princess, nana Marj just gave me your blog and I'm so surprised that you have had this since 2011; I hope you don't mind aunty having a nohi I'm so excited to read your stories about your trips they are so interesting to read. Love the story to Wellington also love your Minnie mouse it looks just like mind that I sit on our bed, but my colour is red (my favourite colour) I look forward to hearing more about your friends, adventures and especially what you do at school
    We love you heaps my princess Aunty Ivy & Uncle John xoxoxo