Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Graga's Birthday

Looking out from the high Sky Tower, with Gigi and Graga, we could the see the city of Auckland.

We saw lots of buildings, boats too. We were even spinning on our chairs to see all the things.

Do you know what I had for lunch? The most exciting thing - Fish and Chips! After my fish and chips I had chocolate ice cream and lollies.

My favourite thing I saw were the people jumping from the Sky Tower. It looked scary - I would never go on that. They zoomed right past the window. It was really fast. The people were crazy.

I could even see the bottom of the Sky Tower because of the glass floor. The first time I saw the bottom I was scared because I thought that I was going to fall down. But then I wasn't scared, it was fun!


Class 16's aeroplanes are flying through the sky. 

Magical Pony

This is a story I wrote about a pony because we were practicing conjunctions.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Going to Wellington

This weekend I went to Wellington because it was my cousins birthday party, he was turning 5.
After school on a hot sunny Friday, I went on the aeroplane. I watched frozen while we were on the plane.
As we landed, mummy had to call the flight attendant to bring me a lolly because my ears were hurting really badly. The girl behind us had something wrong too. 
Once we had landed, I was so excited because we were in Wellington and it was my first time. Even more exciting I got to see the pilots in the flight deck. They showed me lots of buttons and I told them the four forces of flight. 
There is lift to go up, drag to slow you down, thrust to make you go forwards and gravity to make you go down and land on the runway.
The pilots were impressed and they asked me to be a pilot. But I didn't want to be a pilot, I wanted to stay with mummy, daddy and all my family.