Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fiafia Rehearsal

Dancing on the stage, I was a super star Hip Hopper at our Fiafia rehearsal.
First, we had to wait for our turn, sitting on the field in the hot hot sun. I was excited when we were going on to the stage because I like dancing.
The song that we danced to was called The Sound of Sunshine. Do you know why Mrs Samuels chose this song? Because, it is the end of summer, but the weather felt very hot.
I was standing next to Toby and Aaliya. We did lots of poses in the middle of the dance.
We wore summery clothes. I wore a hula skirt with a yellow skort underneath. Do you know why I wore that? So then nobody could see my undies. Toby was wearing an orange singlet and green and black shorts. Aaliya was wearing a t-shirt and shorts.
The Fiafia is on Wednesday night - tomorrow.  The 9th of April, at our school.
I think that the builders worked very hard to make the stage out on our school field.
I love Fiafia!