Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Festival of Education

Today I went to the Festival of Education. I made a movie using iMovie and Lego. I shared it with my netball friends Eden and Levonah.
I showed the visitors how to use iMovie because they didn't know.
We had fun using the iPads.

Here is the movie I made - The Difficult Rabbit.
The rabbit didn't want his breakfast, so the girl had to chase him. Hedgehog, the rabbit's friend, came too and they had a sleep. When they woke up the kitten was there.


  1. Hi Marika, thank you again for sharing at the Festival of Education today. It was great to watch how you used the lego to create your animations and tell your story.

  2. Marika
    I loved hearing about your experience at the Festival of Education this has only just finished so that is really impressive that you have posted this already about your experience. Its great that Mrs Grant has thanked you. My favourite bit about watching your movie would be the part when you wrote that Eden and Levonah did't know how to use Imovie and you showed them, I think sharing what you know with others is a great value to have.
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.

  3. Hi Marika (aka Princess),
    Thanks so much for sharing your amazing day! I love your movie! I especially love the voice over, my favourite sound being booyah!
    I can hardly believe that you go to share today at Festival of Education. Kids today eh! When I was five I was probably too scared to even talk to adults!
    Sure wish I was close enough to come over for a visit more often!
    Big hugs...
    Anne K xoxo

  4. What a fabulous post. You were lovely ambassadors for Pt England at the festival and I love your movie. I know you had to cope with lots of interruptions from adults who don't understand film making, and stray hands turning up in your shots. But you did it! Thanks for coming and sharing.

    Mrs Burt