Monday, December 23, 2013


I went fishing and it was my first time fishing. It was windy when we went fishing at Okahu Bay. I don't know why because it wasn't windy at Mission Bay.

I caught a big fish, I called him Percy.  Graga caught a snapper, but he put it back. Mummy caught a Kahawai and Skipo ate it for dinner (but not all of it). And I caught the last fish and it was a snapper too. I was so happy. I thought that I wouldn't catch a fish.

Fishing was so fun.

Then we went home to show Gigi our fish.

I hope we go fishing again soon.

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  1. What fun you have been having. I had lunch in Hanoi today and they had fish swimming in tanks that we had never seen before. One looked like a small alligator but it was a fish. That is the lazy way to go fishing. Your way sounds more fun.

    Mrs Burt