Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Wedding

I was the flower girl at the wedding because Uncle Mike and Aunty Tinana chose me to.

A duck walked along in front of me. He chose the pretty girl to walk with. I liked the duck.

Aunty Dot said we should put some flowers on his head so he can have some flowers too. But I didn't.


  1. Great writing Marika. You look so beautiful in that pink flower girl dress!

  2. What fun you have had! I love your pink dress.

  3. Hi Marika. You look very beautiful and you have an awesome blog! Keep up the great work you clever girl.

  4. Hi Marika,
    I love seeing this photo of you as flower girl! What a little ray of sunshine you are! I love the colour. I bet you had a fabulous time!!!

  5. Hi rika I loved that pink dress that you were wearing. It looks so pretty on you. Was the wedding great? was the cake yum?.