Saturday, July 27, 2013


I liked the Carousel because it goes around and the horse goes up and down.  It is fun going up and down and I get a little dizzy. I went on the pink horse each time we went on the carousel. It is called a carousel because it is big. Little ones are called Merry-Go-Rounds.

I liked Dumbo because he flies, because he has big big flappy ears. We get to high or low and I got to drive it. We always went in my favourite coloured Dumbo - Pink, Purple and Blue.

The teacups was my favourite ride. I liked them because we go round and round, because I like going round and round because it's fun. We get to spin the wheel and go faster and faster - or even slower. We went on the teacups lots of times.

I like the castle because princesses live there and I like princesses. When it is fireworks time the castle gets colourful and very pretty. I like castles and the picture is of my first day at Disneyland. 

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