Saturday, April 20, 2013


I liked the Fiafia and I also liked going on the stage. On the stage I saw people cheering out for me “Marika!” I liked my glow stick, it made me happy. It was a little bit dark.  My favourite part of Fiafia were the Jump Jammers, they were so crazy. Their necklaces and hair were wigs and were so crazy. I also liked watching my friend Eden speaking on the stage for the Samoan group.(Dictated)


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  1. Oh Marika I thought those Jump Jam wigs were crazy TOO! It's so nice you acknowledged your friend Eden. She was VERY nervous doing her speech but I think she nailed it! Her Mummy was sooo proud of her, just like your Mummy was of you! Imagine doing your fantastic Hip hop dance in front of 3000 you must be famous! It was a wonderful night and just think you will have at least 3 more to look forward to while you are at Pt England!
    Have a restful holiday!