Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Giant Crocodile

One day there was a crocodile who crawled up the beach and stared at the people with his big eyes. Suddenly, he munch munch munch and ate up all the people.
A little girl was running running running away (she had her running shoes on) and the crocodile went faster and faster and faster and the little girl went fast as to get away.
While she was running, running, running she tripped over and fell into the lake - but luckily she found her keys. The crocodile was getting very close so the little girl crawled out of the lake, jumped in her car and drove away fast fast fast.
She got home, ran into her bedroom, climbed under her blankets and never came out again!
Knock, knock - the crocodile knocked at the door. (How did he get to her house?) The lady didn't know, but he had climbed onto her car!
She didn't want to open the door and shouted "Who's there?'
"It's munchy crocodile to come and munch you up"
"I'm not going to open the door, I don't want you to munch me up"
"There's no handle on this side"
"I took it off so you couldn't get in"

All the people ran out of the crocodile's tummy, the crocodile couldn't make any sense. The people kept running and running - but one tall skinny lady - who was very hungry, stopped running and with one big bite munched up the crocodile.
The crocodile was humungous, so big, bigger than any monster ever!
All the people cheered and were very happy.