Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Mati!!!!

Happy Birthday Mati from Marika on Vimeo.

The Horse Clown

The Horse Clown is doing a funny trick, he was doing rotten potato and it turned into a koru potato. All of a sudden a balloon came and then it blowed up into a big rotten potato and he couldn't believe his eyes. Then he just measured it and a big festival came and he couldn't make any sense cos he couldn't do the magic trick if the festival was there.

The bubbles!

Then he jumped up and he saw lightning and he saw it was magic bubbles and he dippe dit in and said "Rotten potato come." And then a rotten potato came and his life was magic and he stayed like that forever.
So he went to his house to see the farmer and he had his breakfast and did his show all night long.

The End!