Friday, February 23, 2018

The Polluted Future Postcard

Walt: use what we already know to make meaning within a story

Task description: In this task we are pretending that we are on holiday in this polluted country where plastic is everywhere and oil and dead fish are everywhere you look. This is a postcard telling my best friend Levonah that I want to get out and come back home.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Can One Man Be A Band

 Here is some questions about the text that we read that is called the one man band. Here is the link to it. can one man be a band

Hour Of Code

Computers, iPhones, chromebooks and TV's that are part of our lives, that is why it's good to now all about them and you have to now about coding before you start because coding is what makes the computer run you can also make games with coding on and scratch.this morning we did an hour of code on the last coding game I did was Moana and Maui trying to Voyage around the sea. It was really fun.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Ambassador Application Movie

This is my Ambassador Application I am Showing learn create share In nearly all my years at Point England I learnt created and shared. I think Learn create share can help you learning very much Because you can manage your time better because you would be learning About what you are doing and then maybe you Would read a couple of tex maybe you would watch a video then you would create what you were doing then you would share it on your blog. I would be very excited to be an ambassador because I think it is an amazing Opportunity to have and Also you get to talk A lot which I love.

All About Term 3 Animation (Ambassador Application)

What was involved with my animation

Writing - Narrative - Ideas

Animation - visual artwork

Science - Planet Earth and beyond - What makes Earth habitable

Music - Own background music

How my animation shows learn create share

First I learnt what we were doing for our animation I got really excited because I found out that we were going to be writing narratives. And since the whole theme of the term was Guardians of the Galaxy the theme for the narrative was that a problem goes wrong on the earth so we have to leave Earth then we have to go in to space and find a new planet. But something goes wrong in space, then they sort it out, then they find a new planet and they adapted to that planet.Then I created a thought for my planet - I would make a pink planet because pink is my favourite colour and the thing that would go wrong is they can't find a planet that they could adapt to. But in the end I find the pink planet it has all the natural resources that they would need to live on a place just like Earth but only pink. And if you wanted to know my characters names well that's easy - Zoe Chloe and there dog Neptune.
Now on to Share. I shared it on my blog And my teacher from you for Mr Moran he shared it with training teachers at Waikato University. So that is how my term 3 animation shows learn create share.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Piano Animation

This is my extension animation about how the piano works I used hyperstudio to make it and GarageBand to make the song. Hope you enjoy.

Compare and Contrast Musical Genre

For extension we had to compare and contrast two genre of music. I chose 60s Rock and Roll and Modern Pop - two of my favourite types of music.