Friday, September 25, 2020

Tapa Point-Of-View

 Tapa point-of-view

I was born on a small island called Ra’iātea, It was a nice life. Then  suddenly I got put on this massive thing that road along the ocean. My caregiver tupaia wore me when we went to this new land. He started talking to this guy and I overheard them saying that he wanted to give me away. Tupaia Seemed calm, So I was calm.  After a little while I heard them talking about me again and at that moment slowly took me off his shoulders and handed me to a new Guardian. I was so confused why would Tupaia ever do this.

Task description: For the last couple of weeks we had been learning about Captain Cook's first encounter with Maori. For today we got given items by the Auckland memorial  From the first encounter of Captain Cook and his team with Maori. The item that I got was a tapa that Tupaia Gave to one of the Maori men that he met when they first went to New Zealand. Then we had to write what the object might have been feeling during this time.

Papatuanuku And Ranginui Animation


Papatuanuku and Ranginui a Maori myth about the creation of life

In the beginning there was nothing, no life, no Light, but out of that Nothingness came the sky father Ranginui and the earth mother Papatuanuku. They fell in love and had 6 children (Soon to be gods) Their names were Haumiatiketike, Tane-mahuta, Tāwhirimatea, Tangaroa, Rongomātāne and Tumatauenga. 

With that many children and not much space, the children felt so cramp and would go crazy. One day Tangaroa had enough and said “Let as part our parents!” All the brothers Except one Joined in and said “Ae Let's us part them!” Tāwhirimatea did not agree and said quietly “”but they are our parents they gave us life let them be” Tangaroa thought he was crazy “This is such a boring life for us there is nowhere to explore nor to have fun” he said. The brothers started fighting about what to do. It was decided that tangaroa would try and split their parents apart. He tried and tried but it was just too hard. Tane-mahuta wanted to go “Let me try” he said. He pushed and pushed and now slowly but surely Tane-mahuta had broken his parents apart. The brothers started to see the light and just like magic they saw the world that we see today. 

Papatuanuku and Ranginui were so sad the tears of ranginui Made the rivers and the oceans. Then Tane-mahuta Came to dress Papatuanuku in all the beautiful trees and plants. But the one brother that didn't agree to this in the first place was very sad. Tāwhirimatea Felt so sad that he flew up in the sky to live with his father and he still lies there to this day. 

Task description:This term's theme is a world of difference and team 5 was learning about myths and legends from around the world.  We had to pick one myth or legend that we learnt about and animate it. I did a Maori myth about the creation of life. Enjoy my animation! 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Writing: NZ Sign Language

 WALT: Write an explanation

Task description:This week for writing we were practising how to write an explanation. Since it is New Zealand sign language(NZSL) week we wrote a text about NZSL. I learnt that NZSL has signs for Maori terminology and concepts.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Marika CV


Task description:This week we have been learning how to write our own CV. We wrote them for our future teacher and next year for high school to show who we are, our interest and our strengths.

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Hinewehi Mohi (Reading)

 WALT: Evaluate information in a text

Task description:This week for reading we had to read and learn about Hinewehi Mohi. If you don't know who Hinewehi Mohi is, she was the first person to ever sing the te reo version of the national anthem. She sang it at the rugby world cup and basically any big event. Now it is very abnormal to not sing the te reo version of the national anthem. For this task We had to match the bolded words with the description on the slides below. Keep a lookout for my create task 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Task description:Today for maths we did something new, volume!  I learned how to work out the volume of any shape. You have to multiply the width x the height x the length. That is what our lesson was about today. We all got a square piece of paper 19cm by 19cm, then we had to cut smaller squares out of each corner of the large square to make a net for a cube. (without a lid). We then measured our cube net and folded it to make a cube. This is how we learned more about volume 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Measurement + Decimals


Task description: Yesterday for maths we had to do more converting measurement and adding and subtracting decimals. I really think I'm getting better at place value and decimals understanding it more and more everyday.