Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Compare And Contrast

this is the first extension compare and contrast of the year we compared the treaty of waitangi and the pt england way and the similarities between them

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Break Out

Today we had to do a cool activity called breakout it's where we have to unlock clues and find what letter combination we have to write down this year we will be doing more Breakout so I will explain further and another blog post the year

Monday, February 11, 2019

Lighthouse Blues

this morning Mrs Tele'a read as Lighthouse Blues by Paul Jennings in the book called unreal we had to make predictions of what would happen and chapter 2 this is my prediction

Image result for paul jennings short storiesWe we walked back up to the house and had some food while Stan told me all about a grandfather and his father. he said ”they died  young but they had a great life playing music together and their favourite song was stranger on the Shore”(which was the song that Anton new) my my leg started to shake and my lips started to quiver could it be no no I keep telling myself. it couldn't be true how can died people play instruments I keep thinking about the boy that Stan mentioned the boy that might have seen something interesting something like ghost ghost playing instrumentals thought I might vomit all over my bed.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Goodbye Fans

Dear  Fans ,
sorry i have not been blogging much I have been very busy but this year has had lots of highlights. One of my highlights was year 6 camp and I will post my reflection in the holidays to keep up to date on my blog another one of my highlights was the movie that we made in extension The Voyages(Talanoa Dlo)I will be posting in the holidays about my Christmas day and about other things that I will do in the holidays. this will be one of the last posts I do as a year 6 next year I will be a year 7 in the senior class hopefully I'll be posting more next year.

 Goodbye Fans

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Term 4 Extension Reflection

My Term 4 reflection is that this Term was stressful but fun. It soo cool that we got to use the 3D pens i know what your thking what are 3D pens will they are like pens but they have to be powered by electricity you also have to put in this thing called filament it's basically plastic that melts down in the pen. The theme for this term was te wa toi which means art time and we also learnt about famous artworks and jewellery because jewellery is a type of art. But i think the highlight of the term was the shared lunch and secret santa. secret santa is where you pull someone's name out of a hat and you have to get them a present under 10 or $5 and remember to tell no one. The shared lunch was very yum. after that me and my friend went outside and climbs trees to burn all that sugar off.

Modern Jewellry Makers For Extension

Monday, September 24, 2018

Words Per Minute

walt: analyse data and display data using a graph

Today we had to analyse how many words are we could to write in a minute. I could write 16 words in a minute.